Wand’rly love…

Our friends over at WandrlyMagazine.com captured our story like no one ever has. Nathan Swartz (ClickNathan.com) has become our Jack Kerouac. He’s a fantastic writer and wrote this article from the beginning to when our kids had just graduated our home-school high school and had been running their own coffee shop for a couple of years. If you want our story in the best nutshell it’s ever been, go here now.


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  1. Wow…you are right. That really was the best example of the written word directed towards your family. i have followed the experiences of your family since 2007…and once again, i thank you. You helped my family feel inspired to leave suburbia…downsize…homeschool…then unschool. Thank you for being you.

  2. Wow, you guys are great! I’m glad to hear about your adventures, and encouraged by them. I was in Corona Cafe the other day (Monday) and chatted with Austin, who told me about his mom’s book and the web info.

    Keep having fun! Downsizing is the best. Happy holidays.


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