Things I Would Love to do Naked…

People often make their funny comments about the word BareNakedFamily when we first meet…So many times we have been asked if we actually get naked, which makes me wonder what people are visualizing in their heads when standing right there in front of me.  I have to admit it’s pretty awesome having to answer that question when most folks are never asked so openly about getting naked.  Though we have rarely gotten naked with the general public, it got me thinking about a few things I would love to do naked…

  • water the grass…with a hose
  • wrestle with Greg in chigger free grass
  • snowboard on the slopes back in Washington
  • cook Greg dinner…nothing greasy for obvious reasons…ouch
  • meet Sammy Hagar:)
  • drive across a state line, sunglasses, and music blasting
  • eat buffalo wings
  • lay in a hammock…canvas, not netted
  • experience a tub full of jello
  • order something off of TV
  • night time hike through the woods
  • grocery shop in Trader Joe’s
  • have a naked party with a few friends indulging in bad habits
  • make a music video
  • ride in the backseat of ____’s car
  • show up at a friends door with a bottle of wine
  • crouch down in a basement grunting
  • strike a pose with tourists
  • play video games
  • paint my living room
  • smile
  • Las Vegas
  • Hang out of a cable car in San Francisco
  • dance to Icelandic music
  • offer someone money for gas
  • something with Steven Page
  • serve cocktails
  • visit a National Park
  • take a karate lesson
  • attend Angelina Jolie’s birthday party which required an RSVP
  • write a blog…check!

4 Replies to “Things I Would Love to do Naked…”

  1. Totally fun!! There are quite a few on that list that I think I would enjoy ‘naked’ as well… LOL! Too fun! I love the way that you write! Thanks for sharing… You’re encouraging to get our blog updated… Internet is SO limited… hopefully more frequent access soon. ((Hugs)) Make it a great day! -c-

  2. ahhhthankyouveddymuch! You know, there’s been a few more things that have popped into my mind since writing this…it’s a great way to stroll through the day…wondering about the things you’d like to do naked. Appreciate ya!

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