The World Famous Nashville Palace!

We left Texas after New Year’s and headed to Nashville. We stayed at the Holiday Nashville Travel Park which is right down the street from Opryland and the World Famous Nashville Palace. We had a LOT of fun and actually went back a few nights later. These pictures are from our first night there on Saturday Jan 4, 2003. We met so many fantastic entertainers and people from the audience.

Steve Hill is the Star of the show and is strumming the bass guitar and singing there behind the kids. Steve gave us lots of plugs for our website – he’s a great entertainer and musician. Thanks for all the fun!

Sunny will be checking into AA when we come off tour.

Jenn was asked if she was going to perform on talent night. She sure looks like a Star, don’t you think?

Sunny taught Greg how to dance. She’s such a hotty!

Not sure if Austin was teaching Kesley or Kesley was teaching Austin. These guys were tearing it up this night. We’re actually more practiced dancing to Rock and Pop but we are trying to get better at country…

Brenda Best performed this evening and is very good and friendly. We got to spend some time talking with her and became good friends. She signed our day~tripper and emailed us. We’ll be keeping in touch with this rising Star! Perhaps we can help her with her tour, right Brenda?

Okay, maybe we’ll put Sunny in the AA program while we’re still on the road…

And there’s Austin teaching Mom how to dance.

There’s Dennis Bottoms on the Banjo and Charlie Vaughn on the fiddle behind Sunny and Austin dancing. Dennis also plays the keyboards and tells great jokes. For the record – we didn’t make the request when he decided to play one more anyway!

We were also entertained by DJ and Avis P. These guys can really sing!! They are very entertaining with their comedy as well.

DJ belting one out.

Charlie Vaughn was great to watch playing that guitar. We’re all trying to learn guitar and enjoyed watching his fingers move up and down that neck. He makes it look so easy…

Steve Hill sure looks like a Star! He has an incredible stage presence.

Here we are with DJ and Avis P (Chris Bynum). These guys are great, already said but worth saying again. Look up to the left and you’ll see a picture of Randy Travis on the wall. He was a dishwasher and cook at Nashville Palace and got his start performing on their stage.

Here’s some pictures of Kesley with her friends teaching her to line dance. They are so nice and helpful and sure could dance!

The guy in the sweater was with a group from Belgium (I think).

Brenda Best – pretty, entertaining, sings great, plays guitar – we feel blessed to know her.

Brenda Best is so much fun to watch perform. The Nashville Palace Band sure knows how to back anyone up. They play so well.

Austin found his hangin’ spot to watch the hot chicks. They were all checking him out!

Calm down Kesley – wild party girl! I’m telling you, those Bush girls better look out!!

Austin even got into the line dancing.

And found a hottie to help him slow step!

Dennis Bottoms – Bluegrass extraordinaire! Didn’t get any good pictures of the drummer – Willie Cantu. Learned he’s from Corpus Christi, TX just south of Port Aransas where Jenn’s parents live. We got an electric drum kit for Christmas and was sure watching his method. The guy didn’t skip a beat! Enjoyed your playing Willie! Thanks for a great nite!

What’d we tell you – Steve Hill is built for the stage!

Charlie Vaughn is a spectacular musician. It’s good to know him.

Two-thirds of Dixie, Janice, and Charlie (from day~tripper). We really enjoyed meeting these ladies and sure appreciate their kindness teaching the kids how to dance. We also enjoyed watching them line dance – so smooth!

Ladies and Gentlemen – The World Famous Nashville Palace Band! Wwhhoooooo!!! AAghhEeeee!! Hubba Hubba!! Bling Bling!?! Chinka chinka! EEEOOOWWW!!!

Signed and autographed. We sure are a lucky BARENAKEDFAMILY!

UPDATE: Avis P. passed away as a result of a 4-wheeler accident. We are very lucky to have known him and know that he touched many lives with his humor, singing talent, personality, and larger than life love for others. Although we only knew him for one evening, he made us feel like an important part of his life and family. God Bless you Avis P. Thank God you’re in heaven watching over us all ~ we need you, miss you, and love you. Thank you Avis P. for your life and contributions here on earth. Thank you God for sharing with us such an important spirit here on earth. Love, barenakedfamily. – Brenda Best

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