Seattle, it’s Not You it’s Me…

It’s been nine months since we left Texas to seek out a new life in a place we romanticized about living in for the last ten years. Basic snapshot of our life there:

1. Pretty seafood
2. Waterfront Seattle is like nothing else in the world.
3. Trees and mountains are like extra credit for God.
4. Snow is free. Not a product of global warming. Simply free.
5. 2500 miles feels too far away from the things we like.
6. There is such a thing as too many Asians in one place. And they are mean drivers and I don’t care how that sounds.
7. Stop moving into houses where neighbors are named Nacho.
8. Give your kids all the bedrooms and take the living room so they know what a castle can feel like.
9. Fall in love with water.
10. Never chase a mama bear with her cubs. But if you do, get a picture and mobile upload it before you get mauled.
11. Play outside under the sun at 10:30 pm.
12. Drive around with no plans even if it’s bad for the environment. Some things just beg to be seen.
13. Work hard to make your dreams come true, even if you have to climb under someones house for a few bucks.
14. Make a fire in the snow with a bottle of tequila with your lover.
15. Always wave to people.
16. Think twice about giving up free cable to move to another location.
17. Stuff is still not important.
18. Freedom is everything.
19. Courage is within you.
20. Do what you want. Even if…well…just do it.

Thanks Seattle, but it’s time for us to go back to Texas…I miss my Family, my friends, and the music. I love you.

2 Replies to “Seattle, it’s Not You it’s Me…”

  1. Bon voyage BNF! Seattle is gorgeous and plentiful but you need a $250k income to survive there. Austin is the bees knees, so glad you’ll be there on our next Texan excursion.

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