Red Carpets are for wussies. bnf @ Austin Music Awards

One of the many bnf doings is publicity which earns us guest spots. The Austin Music Awards worked out to a guest list goof in our favor – instead of five spots, we got 10. Would’ve been nice to know before we got to check in (as five).

Got there about 7p and were surprised at how many people were already there and that events seemed to have already started (7:55p sharp start?). We immediately found our friend, Rob Hooper (drummer for Guy Forsyth & won an award with Atash this night). He was upstairs and the five of us were hanging out with him and met up with several other musician friends. Greg went to get drinks for all and was surprised the bartenders would only release 2 drinks per id (all ages venue thing?!?). He was denied re-entry to the ‘winners’ section. …:But my Family’s in there!” He was then directed down a short flight of stairs and given a ‘winners’ badge, just because he asked for one. That was cool. The whole Family ended up with winners badges so we stayed in the winners section and enjoyed the winners green room with winners food & drinks. The kids got their winners badges with our friends ‘The Hudsons’ who won best folk band!  Winner are awesome…winners get to do what they want…

Kivett, Jenn, and Hudson of The Hudsons.

Greg, Hudson, and Brian of The Hudsons.

We also ran into our new friend, Earl Poole Ball, whom we had met the day before with Jodi Adair who we booked for an Opal’s gig. Near star struck after being reminded of his history – 20 yrs with Johnny Cash!! Wow! Anyway, we had been kicked out of empty seats earlier that were reserved for media (w/out signage of any kind) and we watched from above as Earl and Jodi went to sit down in these same seats. Earl’s on cane and as he was walking down stairs he fell! Kinda hard. Rolled onto his back and all. We knew he was gonna get booted once he recovered so Greg went down and hung out with him until Bradley with security came to boot him. Bradley was kind enough to work with Greg, his boss, and the story to just leave him there. Greg ended up back with the Family and learned that the kids actually helped get Earl & Jodi into the winners section after Earl couldn’t find a seat downstairs and rode the elevator straight into the winners section security – ‘they’re with us’ they said. Earl with the kids… wow!

Austin, Greg, Jenn, and Earl Poole Ball.

We also got to spend some time with Logan Youree (Austin Chronicle’s Chrontourage); got to mess with Michael Barnes (Austin American Statesman) after he took Jenn’s picture and she had some fun ribbing him about not returning our emails or calls; the kids talked security into letting them backstage where they met with a long lost friend, Nate Ryan of the Black Angels, they met Alejandro Escovedo, talked with Roky Erickson’s kid Jegar, hung out with Suzanna Choffel and the Fireants who played with Bob Schneider and they hung with countless others. They were running around with Victor Zikowlski and his brother, David, and Carson Brock. They had a great time and Jenn & Greg were pleased to hear their backstage getting skills had once again paid off.

Dave, Sunny, Kesley, Carolyn Wonderland, and Austin.

Alejandro Escovedo, Sunny, Austin, and Kesley.

Overall it turned into a big schmooz fest for Jenn and Greg – we got to enjoy some of the music, LOVED the light show and production, were surprised with the crappy sound, and we got to spend time with and see and meet many musicians, industry folk, and friends. Sure wish you could’ve been there. We had five extra guest list spots.

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