On the Road to Seattle…

Leaving Austin, TX was hard, but we pulled out of the driveway and slowly left the artsy, musical, and magical place we’ve called home for the last three years.  All the friends, the parties, the crazy fun we had writing on walls and playing guitar in the front yard, the streaking down our street, the little babies who came to play, and the bands that spent the night crashing out in our living room while on tour.  This was one of the best places we’ve made home out of.

Driving away was hard, but looking west was so enticing.  We haven’t RV’d in years and this was the first time we’ve been crammed in our familiar small space with the familiar smell and that feel.  The feel of connection and acceptance.  We’ve all chosen this trip and we know that we’re all heading in different directions, but for now the RV heads north and then soon northwest.  And for now, we’re all going in the same direction and all is perfect.

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