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BNF and a few great punk rockers...ya'll.

We were so happy to meet the Mirrasou Family in Monterey.  They called us up and told us that after about a year of communicating through the website and email it was finally time to get our freak on.  In a good way.  What they didn't know is that they came into our life at the right time.  And we're pretty sure they liked us.  They were inspired to hit the road and take back what Family meant to them and this was a first stop.  You know the story, Jim worked way too hard and had little time with the Fam and Cindy was playing the typical role of the wife with the kids and all.  Cindy's smart though and let Jim know just how cool their little Family was and he needed to see it.  Didn't take long for Jim to realize what they needed to do and he whipped up the most badass Family tour bus we have seen yet.  We hooked them into the fairgrounds with an RV spot where danger waits for young children under the very stage where Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin played the Monterey Pop Festival back when smoking was cool.  Now it's just retarded.

Since when did punk rock become so damn cute?  Ok, like these guys are wicked bitchin and don't take no crap!  But these guys will still hug you and tell you how much they love growing up with you.  So that makes it easy to send them into danger unattended with crazy people in Monterey.  It is known to have a ton of murders and crazy people running through at any time and you can even see ginornous footprints in the dirt left behind these people.  You should never go after dark and always follow the kids around.  Cindy, you gonna back me up on this?  That's Matthew and Maddie in the middle to the left and they are high on the list of true bnf kids.

Extreme Family. dot com. eventually.

When we aren't corrupting the children or the town we like peaceful walks on the beach.  Cindy sporting her Blair Witch Momma look today.  And that's Jim in the back, nothing like a dad that wears cool skater shoes.  Jim's got it going on.

These guys reminded us how cool it is to lay around in the grass with your friends and talk.

Kind of cute the way a kid will be a kid no matter what stage they are going through.

Since they learned of the danger at the fairgrounds they never left the house without protection.  For schizzel my nizzle.

After a day of Rock n Roll makeovers Kesley came out of their bus rocking a new Avril Lavigne look.  She lived in Maddie's dress for about three days straight.

They became great punk rock friends sharing black sharpie markers and other grooming tips.  These people get what it means to be Family and they are fortunate enough to realize it.  Their kids are amazing and easy to hang with and understand what it means to have great parents.  We love the Extreme Family and you will too.

While working in Monterey, we met up with the greatest group of Canadian guys that put on the 24 hours of Adrenaline Mountain Bike thing.  So our two Families headed out to the event and got some great ideas.  Literally for 24 hours, solo and team bikers race for the thrill of the sport and not much more.  I think we like that a whole lot.  They also have a great tour and equipment they haul around the country.  During the event there is great music blasting and all kinds of promos going on.  Envy.

The kickoff to the race was a LeMans type of start where these guys ran about a mile or more around the track and back down to their bikes to start the race.

Grabbing their bikes and heading over the bridge they come down the other side and begin the pedaling while others stand around dressing in women's gowns with condoms hanging off their back.  Look closely.

The kids got in on the action with the 24 minutes of Adrenaline race for kids.  Parents waited on the sidelines screaming at their kids to go faster never mind the fact that they were almost wiping out around the corners on the dirt track.  WARNING: If you are one of those parents that just has to scream at the kids causing them constant nervousness and lack of concentration, back the hell off and let the kids ride.  Kids are not stupid and take things at their own pace, because guess what?  They actually realize more than you think.  Never forget a kid does things for fun first and you don't.  There, someone had to say it and after standing next to the worst screaming parent ever, I felt that was appropriate.

Ok, this doesn't look very funny and it wasn't, but it was hilarious when the whole crowd went OHHHHH as this kid wiped out.

We celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary and Greg headed out to get me a great gift.  Knowing how many times I have wanted to be able to listen to music where ever I am, he went out in search of the perfect gizmo.  He returned with this awesome speaker designed like a CD wallet which plays at just the right volume.  It is portable and has gone with us everywhere so far.  On the beach, on the desk, in the store.  He also got me a nice pair of headphones that I don't have to share with the kids.

We the went to hoity toity Cafe Fina on the Wharf for dinner.  With our special card we got to eat half off of a fancy meal that went for about seventy dollars!  Don't do that often!

We were the only table playing our own music.  See my awesome little speaker on the table?  Our table was a little one in the corner with a view of the water and a perfect place to dine.  We ordered a bottle of wine and must have not realized how much we had turned up our little speaker, because the waiter came over and asked us to turn it down.  He shouldn't have done that.

We were talking about how nice it was to be dining alone and having a great time when this urgent text message came in from the kids.

This sign was out front of Cafe Fina and used to read 'Have you ever tried Halibut Cheeks?'  Till they asked us to turn down the radio.  Think this is the funniest thing I have ever done.

Another time we brought the kids down to the wharf for some relaxation.  Hanging out on the dock we found this little corner where we spread out and laid down falling asleep to the rocking of the water.  It is a great place to sit and chill while looking out into the water or getting in.

Living in such a touristy spot means that you actually don't go out and do the touristy things, so for Father's Day we decided to head out on the seventeen mile drive and be tourists.  Greg and I had been here about ten years ago on a trip we took together and got into a fight along the way.  We ended up not talking to each other most of the way and just drove around.

Anyone know what the hell this thing is?  Greg found this in the tide pool and it felt kind of rubbery.  Gotta love the detail though.

Like links in an old chain. For real, this is an old chain.

This is the Lone Cypress tree that has stood hundreds of years in this spot even with high winds and storms.  And that is a lone cypress tree in the background.

Joe Dirt was the coolest shopper at Safeway.  This was for real.  The guy was Joe Dirt himself. I can see down your shirt!

I love Texas Canadian boys!


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