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September '05 Pictures

September was a very busy month for us here in Los Angeles, CA.  We are becoming Karaoke stars, climbing rocks, building stores, making videos, and having birthdays.  Xtremefamily is with us waiting to work on some barenakedfamily projects when we are done with the store.  It is a pretty crazy month for us and we are trying hard to balance everything and feed our soul a little in a place where it's so easy to lose it.

The store that we were building consumed us for months!  The owner of the place is not very familiar with building stores and really tried our patience.  Greg put in many hours trying to do the best that he could and he turned out an amazing store!  There were a lot of hurdles to get through and Greg nailed them all.  We were all very proud of him and let him sleep when he could.  Anytime that we can work together Jenn and the kids would head down to give Greg a hand and Xtremefamily was no exception!  They were very cool and supportive and lent a hand whenever they could.  Thanks ya'll.

The kids could care less if they are hauling trash or what.  They just jump in to help and are pretty broken in considering all the Rent a Family work we did last year to raise money for our non-profit.  We have all become better people because of that work and we are grateful for those experiences.  To all of those who let us scrub your toilets, clean your houses, wash your trucks, move rocks, landscape your yard, wash your dog, flyer houses, relocate your stuff... thanks! You have made us who we are today and we like who we are!!!

Even with smiles on their faces.

It was really fun being this dirty in such a hoity toity place.  People just stared at us even more when they saw the kids hauling crap.

Down a long dark hallway.

While Greg and Jim worked on the store upstairs we took the kids and cleaned out the store room where a lot of the carpentry was happening.  We had to move tons of wood and get rid of trailers full of trash.  The kids liked that part because we had to go down the freight elevators which are straight out of a movie into the tunnels under the mall.

The inside of the store where they will sell men's clothing from Europe.

Now it's time to have a little fun Karaoke Style.  We never thought we would ever sing Karaoke but Mike and his powers got us up there.  For the first couple of months he tried to get us up there but we refused till he finally broke us down.  Now we're addicted.

Even Greg got up there with our buddy Tah-Rick and rocked out to some good ol' rock n roll.

It was so fun to see all the different people get up there and sing songs that they loved.  It takes a lot of guts to stand there and belt out your favorite song in front of people, but we all got over that pretty quick and signed up all the time.

The kids have no problem jumping in a grabbing the mic.  It's so cool to hear a kid sing.

The five dead kids karaoke style.

We love these guys.

Austin reading the Karaoke books to see what song he's going to do next.  Maddie's just cool with whatever.

Mike, Jim, and Greg going to town on some Eagles.  Jim went crazy with the Eagles songs and got up there as often as he could.  Karaoke can make you look differently at your man!

Marcel was a great friend that made us laugh all the time!  We hung with his Family and did Karaoke with them often and he never let's you down with entertainment! 

Cash - You.

BNF homeschool trip to Vasquez Rocks with Xtremfamily!  These rocks were way cool and out in the middle of nowhere.  They have filmed all kinds of stuff out here like the Flintstones movie.  There was no signage telling you anything about these rocks so feel free to make up your own stuff.  We just know they were wicked to climb and gave us amazing views!

They are very steep and the wind was blowing hard enough to knock you over every now and then so we had to be careful as we got higher.

On our way up.  Perspective.

Cindy went around the bottom and met us on the other side.  Not her gig.

We made it!  It was a great hike and we all needed it after staying in the city for so long.  Clean air.  Free mind.  Family.

And time to think.

About being together.

About being a team.

About having fun where ever you are.

About loving each other.

About who you are and being grateful.  Peace ya'll.

Jim and the kids took this picture of Jenn, Greg, and Cindy from a top of a hill they climbed.  We went around the bottom and had a brainstorming session that we stopped to chat about.

We could get some rope, a canoe.

Later back at the campsite the kids took us for what we were worth at a game of poker.  They don't hold back.  They are ruthless.  They now own our souls.

And sold them for gypsy wear.

Even though September was a very busy month and we were tired, we still were grateful for the work we had and the company of Xtremefamily.  We have never lost sight of our vision that we see for barenakedfamily and work at it everyday to make it happen.  So even if we have to build a store for a guy that makes us crazy, it's because of him we can do the next chapter of barenakedfamily.  If we have to sing Karaoke, then we will be better for that.  If our heart has become shoe shaped then we know what we need to do.  So, thanks.  I'm going home.

Did you listen when God talked to you? Apparently he'll give you some pretty clear instructions and then leave you alone for like 40 years (think Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Bono, Muhammad, Noah, Elvis...). Why tell you the same things over and over again? Doesn't work for kids, doesn't work for us, plus God's dealing with infinite numbers of souls and belief systems. Fortunately we listened in May '01 when we changed our lives. Haven't heard from him directly since and don't really expect to until May '41 (hoping that goes well, sure would suck to be grounded by God). God talked, told us it's ok to take back our lives... ok to take back our Family... ok to do something more than collecting stuff. Simplify. Complicated doesn't work. Real simple. Then. Ever since it's been both simple and hard. The ups and downs of life. Went through same when we had excess...

...appreciating the impermanent, transient nature of our existence. All things, events, and phenomena are dynamic, changing every moment; nothing remains static.

Bringing About Change ...Learning is only the first step. There are other factors as well: conviction, determination, action, and effort.

We're working on our effort. Our mission is to do our part to help bring Families together. This brought us home. In more ways than one. Physically and spiritually. Action and effort will tell us what is next.

There is no fortitude similar to patience, just as there is no affliction worse than hatred.

- Thanks Dalai


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