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November '05 Pictures

Hanging out with Xtremefamily, we are working hard at designing the new production for Fuzion. It is now called FamiliesRock.com and coming along great!  We have ordered all kinds of new equipment and supplies and are looking to put on our first show with the new ideas.  We couldn't do it without the love and support of the Xtremefamily!  They have stepped up and never stopped believing just how important Family can be.  Can't express how grateful we are to have them.  Even if Maddie is chomping at the bit.

We visited our first home here in Austin that we bought back in '92.  We had moved to Austin with barely any money, no job, and a baby on the way.  We couldn't find a place to rent because all the college students had already taken everything right before school started.  Greg said we should just knock on for sale doors and maybe someone would let us rent till they sold.  We were pretty desperate since the trailer we originally started in was already getting cramped with baby stuff.  Think Britney and K-Fed.  This old couple who were trying to sell this house gave us a break and owner financed this house for four hundred dollars a month.  We lived here for seven years before moving out by the lake.

Back at the campground Hannibal was strapped down by the fire for an ancient unschooling ritual.

Strap down the kids and make 'em learn.  Lynyrd...Skynyrd..get over here you stoner dogs...

Or encourage the kids to break the restraints of society.  We are all about that!  Right before they eat you.


All over the country bnf and Xtremefamily have always had the most colorful campsites.  It always brings the Families to the yacht.  RV parks usually aren't ready for this jelly.

We also met Liz Phair as we were driving around town one day looking for venues for our Families Rock show.  As we were driving by this outdoor venue we saw a Mix 94.7 van and heard a familiar voice broadcasting from there.  We pulled over only to see our good friend DJ Bridgette hosting a performance for Liz Phair!  We got in line to get her autograph and when we approached her we totally sucked at meeting her!  It was one of those very awkward moments where you meet, hesitate to shake hands but do, then introduce yourself in an oh, so lame kind of way.  She was nice though, then kicked us for wasting her time.

Austin loved this hair in his nose and wore it around as much as he could. Apparently he thought it was cool.

Maddie chomping at the bit.  Relax she is wearing clothes.  Maybe!!!  Cindy just finished waxing her back.  In public.

We were invited by our new friends the UnpluggedFamily to see their bro's band do an in store performance.  Their Family came to support the band since they just got off of a tour and we decided to join them.  They rocked the performance in a psychedelic old school kind of rock way.  The kids dug them and Maddie was chomping at the bit to buy one of their CD's. 

That's Brye of the UnpluggedFamily.  They found bnf on the web, contacted us through a heartfelt email, and insisted that we meet 'cause internet dating is fun!  We set a date to hook up with them to see who they are and what they were all about.  I'm sure they were thinking the same thing about us.  Showing up at their RV park, we were relieved when we saw Brye get out of the car at the gate with a Mohawk and a huge grin on his face!  We all sort of let out a deep breath and knew we were going to love these guys!  They are an RVing Family that beams strength, love, determination, and peace from the very moment you meet them.   We have talked endlessly about life, love, and Family with them and feel so close to them.  Oh, and that's Maddie chomping at the bit.  Again.

Xtremefamily, Unpluggedfamily, their mom, and bnf at the in store performance!  They also fell in love with Families Rock and came over to our house earlier that day to buy their very own Families Rock t-shirts!  Did I mention we met the Xtremefamily on the internet too?  Internet dating rocks, more people should do it.  We are very fortunate to have all these guys in our lives, each one of these people mean something very special to bnf.

The Unpluggedfamily ~ Brye, Salem, Elijah, and Faith.

We spent Thanksgiving out in the Hill Country with Greg's dad and Xtemefamily.  Greg's sister came in from Colorado with her kids and we all had a delicious dinner.  They made the turkey and we brought the crack!

We took turns going around the table sharing what we were thankful for this year.  It was great to hear everyone add a little something as we went around the table.  What were we grateful for?  Stone Co., Xtremefamily, Unpluggedfamily, bnf, light trees, trussing...

Ummm.  He's all Cindy's.  Yep, that my friends is the Xtreme dad.  Big Jeep.  Lots of lacquer.  But good with the bitches...female dogs that is.

We spent some more time with the Unpluggedfamily before they headed back to California for some kind of Kung Fu International Chop Suey Fuey Championship that Elijah was competing in or something.  So, Xtremefamily and bnf went over and cooked some wicked cool food over hot coals with them, their Family, and friends.  That's NayNay, Faith, Kesley, and Elijah.

So, we said we weren't going to keep the cat, but the cat is here.  The kids found this little cat wondering around the campground with no home and no food.  They fed it all kinds of food for days and it started coming back for more.  We finally captured it and made her our own.  We have not had another cat since KiKi and this one reminds us so much of her.  She makes us happy.  Her name is Mona G.  She is named after a Guy Forsyth song Hey Mona.  The G stands for Guy.  Hot Guy.

We pulled off an incredible show for Families Rock after months of planning and designing!  The best we have ever done with the most stuff we have ever had, with the coolest people to work with!  All those damn hard times we had all year and all last year to make this happen has paid off in a big way!  And hopefully soon will actually not cost us to do these.  Thanks to all those who came together to help ~ Xtremefamily, Lujan, Matt, Unpluggedfamily, Max and Henry, Misspent Youth.  You guys flippin' rock and we love ya'll!

Since we finished the first show, the Xtremefamily decided to hit the road for a few weeks to tour around Texas.  They will return for the New Years gig and then hit the road for good spending a year traveling around the country.  In celebration they took us out for one of the coolest meals we have ever had at a Japanese Steakhouse.

The guy sets up in front of you, prepares your meal, and serves you right there!  He also sets anything he can on fire and shapes the rice into hearts, catches egg shells in his hat, and makes funny jokes!  It was the most delicious meal we have been treated to ever!  Maddie was chomping at the bit.


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