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Families Rock! Show Nov 27, '05

The show was amazing!  We worked so hard for so long and it turned out so good!  We had lots of help from some pretty devoted friends and without them it wouldn't been half as good.  The bands were incredible and all rocked the people on the dance floor!  They had great stage presence and worked hard at putting on a high energy performance.  Thanks to Jovita's for allowing us to use their venue.  Thanks to Xtremefamily for all the hard work, dedication, and patience to Families Rock.  You know how much we love ya'll.  Thanks to Lujan for faithfully attending every show we have done, even the ones that were lame.  Thanks to Matt for being selfless and hauling all of our equipment.  Thanks to the Unpluggedfamily for coming and supporting in a big way, sporting your new shirts, and being in our lives.  Thanks to Max and Henry for putting on a great show.  Thanks to Misspent Youth for sharing the drum kit and making things that much easier, you guys rock.  Thanks to the Families who came out to not only support local music and local Family but for getting off the couch and rocking Family life as we know it!

bnf, Xtremefamily, lujan and Matt before the show.  At every show whoever helps has to wear Converse or they are shot and not allowed in.

bnf, Lujan, and Xtremefamily.

Waiting outside for the other show to pack up so we can set up.

Cindy hanging up her custom made Families Rock curtains.

Vic of Misspent Youth and Austin setting up the drum kit before the show.

Matt setting up the Las Vegas Style Lighting for your home.

Merch table.

Brye and friends before the show.

And the show begins!

Max and Henry.

Greg and Jenn.

Misspent Youth.

G-Mom, Dad, Greg, and Jenn.

And that's how you Rock Family life. 



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