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Published 1.10.06

Greg's this compulsive web freak that's also lazy ~ that's why May '05 is being published in Jan '06. He just can't handle the flow missing May. He'll also be going back and filling in April and June. Jenn did a great job covering these months in her simple and effective way in the Punk and Monterey pages, but Greg's anal ~ deal. Also had to reduce bnf now pages and put the May entries at the bottom...

One of the reasons we weren't updating around April, May, June is because we were in a serious funk. We had finished up some jobs with the Stone Company General Contractors where Greg was a construction superintendent doing 'tenant improvement' on retail spaces. This means demo and rebuild an existing space into something different. We found ourselves in Monterey just to pick up our broken VW and trying to decide how to just live. Being that we are so determined to work together as a Family, we narrowed down the Monterey industry to tourism and pursued work as motel property managers. This landed us at Super 8 with an apartment and a view and way more than a full time job.

Home Schooling ~ Bed bugs are brought in from mostly European travelers. They travel in luggage and shoes and anything else they can cling to. Their eggs can last up to a year and the live ones can live without food and water for about the same time. They find holes and dark hideouts during the day and feed at night leaving red itchy blotches. They are found in high end and dirty hotel/motels. Once found, the motel becomes liable for any allergic reactions and/or health issues that are related. They are very expensive to get rid of. ALL adjacent rooms (up, sideways, and down) have to be treated. Towels and linens have to be quarantine, bleached, and hot water washed. Mattresses and box springs have to be thrown out and replaced. Treatment for one room infestation costs about $3,000 and is a process that lasts six months. Signs of infestation include black, moldy looking mattress seams (eggs and feces). The bugs themselves are tiny, flea size armor plated black doodle bug looking. Good luck sleeping at your next hotel. We'll stick with RVs.

'Life's Great At Super 8' ~ and it was for about the first month. By May we were in an overworked funk. We pretty much had blown off Barenakedfamily and almost took it down completely to just fade into web obscurity and live out our lives in Monterey. We weren't really in touch with Family back in Texas, nor were we keeping up with the site or updating it. 

Then this crazy web stalker Family got in touch with us. They wanted to come meet us in Monterey and spend about a week of their beginning journey on the road. We had been in touch with the Mirassou Family over the net for more than a year and they had informed us some time ago that they were planning a road trip to spend time together as a Family. We had to go check out who they were at the local Safeway. They got us drunk.

Then showed up at the motel lobby with their kids. It was one of those freaky meetings where they're looking in wondering what they've gotten themselves into and we're freaking out on what this Family might be all about.

Then their teenage daughter took our sweet innocent Kes and punked her out. Kes is now Texas' Teen Terror thanks to Maddie.

And Jim and Cindy corrupted us right back into bnf. Got us excited and inspired again. Seeing these guys and their bus and Jeep really sparked us again. Reminded us who we are and what we're doing here.

So we set the kids off with lawyers, guns and money. 

And they just hurt themselves and also got their band name from the fairgrounds RV manager, Sue ~ The Five Dead Kids ~ as in: "all I need is five dead kids on my hands".

Yep. Same outfits, different day. Had to peel these clothes off the girls for laundry day.

Then one day we were actually able to leave the motel for a short period of time and went and enjoyed the romantic waterfront with the Mirassou's.

They gave us and our kids crabs.

We picked 'em off and in true American spirit set 'em up to compete.

Pubescent crab races.

Austin won. He had the biggest and fastest crab. Better than head lice.

O. That's a whale we watched breaching from one end of the horizon to the other. Very cool.

Then we had to go back to our Mo-jail. Onsite property mgt requires too many hours and we had to deal with crack whores, pimps, trespassing hot tubbers, naked Europeans, under age drinking parties, theft, drug deals, fights and even some issues outside our apt.

Home Schooling ~ Crack whore with four kids couldn't pay her bill after a week in a room. We had to kick her out but she wouldn't answer the phone or door. Police picked her up on warrants, kids were picked up by the brothers, we thought we were dead from vengeance. All worked out, but very sad to experience. Kids had lots of questions. Room was filthy. Maids were pissed at us. 

So we took another day out at this transvestite bike race held at nearby Laguna Seca Raceway.

BNF on May 18 with our new friends from 24 hours of adrenalin.com

24 hours of adrenaline was put on by our new friend Stu and his crew.

The race starts with about a one mile sprint to their waiting bikes.

Then they just race bikes for the next 24 hours straight. Some solo, some teams. Most crazy.

Stu (green shirt) runs the 24 minutes of adrenalin for the kids.

He kicked this kid over for some excitement.

Our kids...

raced. They're really not that competitive. More of the artsy types.

May entries From BNF Now:

Monday 5/30/05

Friday I lost a great, distant friend to a car accident ~ Today I heard, and I cried. I don't remember when I met Louie. I don't remember the last time I saw him or talked with him. Probably through soccer as a child; and sometime after high school. We lost touch for no reason. And today, probably 15-20 years since I've been around him, I feel very close to him. I miss him.

Louie was one of those 'good' friends, we always had fun yet didn't get in trouble together. He wasn't excessive or conservative. He had the greatest laugh I can remember and enjoyed it often. It came from his belly through short, hoarse spurts; lit his cheeks and shook his body. He was genuine. Unique. I never saw him be cruel or unkind.

I used to ride my motorcycle through back and side roads in the dirt some 45 minutes to an hour to his house when he moved. Eventually the bike didn't make it back and Louie and his brother Tony enjoyed it until something broke down on it. We hauled it back to my house in the back of the truck.

When we started driving, 'roller coaster road' was between our houses and we enjoyed our teenage years driving it and the many back roads in almost rural San Antonio (complete suburbia now). There was one corner coming off 1604 to Redland Rd towards his house that became our challenge on who could take it fastest. My Grandma's white '78 Cutlass was low to the ground and fish tailed some 4-5 times coming around ~ Louie and I planted his dad's F150 into the barbed wire fence the last time we challenged that corner. It was a bitch getting it out of there with the fence post hooking that truck like a stuck fish. Not sure if Dad ever knew about that one?!? The same Dad that planted a $100 bill on us for a double date one night...

Louie was a little smarter than the rest of us, we were dying to blow that $100 as soon as we could. Louie knew Dad would be wanting some change on his 'loan'. Back then, we somehow always found cheap ways to entertain ourselves. 'Fat Farm' wasn't far from Louie's house ~ supposedly an abandoned building and land that was used as such. Too much time and risk taken there... And the mall ~ shoplifting Boast(?) pot leaf / Canadian maple leaf shirts?!? I just received an old picture of me in that shirt yesterday from my Aunt... I thought about Louie and that mall trip. Fools. We learned. Louie taught character through example.

Boone's Farm and our late high school days ~ flipping and landing on our backs on the asphalt... plowing through fields of grass higher than we could reach with our hands clapped together in front of us, eyes closed, making buzzing noises, then falling in the ditch... sneaking out of the house and visiting a friend on her roof, I abandoned Louie that night after waiting an hour alone on the edge of the roof ~ he said they laughed when they heard me hit the ground after getting courage to jump into the darkness; I scared the crap out of him jumping out of the bush when he finally left... wa-hoo'ing Stop n Go (ok, that was me, he just watched)... getting terribly sunburned falling asleep in the back of his dad's truck on the way home from the coast... chilling in his secret closet hideaway... My last vivid memory of seeing him was at that house, years(?) after high school... it was virtually empty and he was living there while his parents were... somewhere. We spent the afternoon talking about what we were doing. He was studying, I was bumming. He was busy putting his life together. I was busy wasting mine at the time. Did he inspire me? I probably didn't know it at the time. But I know I always respected him, always admired him, always looked up to him, was honored to be around him. Louie has good character. He always wanted to be better. He always treated others as he wanted to be treated. He knows goodness and lives it. He watched our backs. He still is. I get to break his motorcycle next. He'll help me load it in the truck and take us home... right into the barbed wire fence.

I love you Louie. Thanks for you.



Tuesday 5/24/05

"...to do the best we can with what we have" ~ Mike Leonard's Dad on Travels With My Parents.

Watching the rockumentary 'Barenaked in America' again, for the ba-jillionth time last night, Jenn realized our role model is a Hot Rock Band ~ the way that they Live, Play, Learn, and Work together. They make the music and keep the rhythm together ~ they are in tune with each others emotions, help each other write and perform the lyrics, melodies, and beats. They take their creative energy and put it out there for the world to experience. The energy they exude is felt en masse and creates a positive experience at individual levels.

Our band is similar in so many ways with drums and bass (mom and dad) in the back holding the rest of the band in rhythm ~ the kids in 'front' seemingly out of control and bouncing around presenting the show to the world. A great Rock Band knows that they are stronger together ~ think U2, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Led Zepellin, Beatles, Motley Crue... they were and are strongest with the chemistry of the group ~ the power is in the number ~ the individual is part of something larger than themselves. 

Here's what our band has been performing to achieve, what we want to manifest:


Just take a look around you livin' for the future is blind. I believe what we can achieve will soon be left behind. -Boston

To Inspire a resurgence of Family business ~ Provide networking for Families through publications and events while staffing fundraisers and events with Families that work together; offer expansion opportunities through organized structures in support of Family Business.

To Resurrect work ethics in kids ~ Always keeping the kids involved in every aspect ~ biz dev, funding, bookkeeping/accounting, marketing/advertising, operations... writing,  story and character dev, screen writing, editing, sound, graphics, technical... even general labor and daily responsibilities. Imagine that...

To Encourage education through Family networks ~ Support networks and online communities and publications that serve as a forum to share ideas, trends, and solutions in getting more involved and sharing in each others educations.

To Instigate having some fun together as a Family ~ No More 'for kids' and 'for adults' activities ~ We create and find activities that bond young and old together. Playing together is not always watching from the audience ~ getting in the show, down on the floor, and in the mosh more together than not.

To Revolutionize What it means Living Together as a Family ~ Smaller spaces, fewer closed doors, less dependence on material luxuries ~ more support for less... stuff; time in dual careers; divided educations; separated entertainment. More opportunities to spend more of that free time together.

head to web from today...

Our minds have changed our Family perception/dynamix back to a place (like 100 yrs to thousands of years ago) where Family needed each other instead of stuff and activities. Where Family bonded over music and interaction rather than material and acquisition.

Where a visual of Family living the 'Amerikan Dreem' means tight bonds and unity rather than the picket fence, big house, multiple cars, dual careers, separate activities, more toys, etc...

Where Families can escape poverty and oppression of their time together and re-pioneer the 'American Dream' of going west ~ 'getting on the boat' or 'packing up the wagon' and heading west for freedom... of religion, thoughts, and beliefs. A community based on relationships rather than fear, greed, and ego. A place where 'rich' means time spent together ~ Working, Learning, and Playing Together ~ rather than status dependent on materials.

We are happier and stronger when we spend time together. We're more content, secure, and able. We have learned that our happiness is stolen through pursuits of material over time together. We need each other ~ not what 'the Joneses' have. Our struggle is to stay together rather than have security through material illusions.

As parents ~ our job is to make sure kids know that they are more important than material ~ careers, cars, bling, fashion, fame, ego, educations, savings, insurance, bills, houses, travels, friends, and even extended family.

As parents ~ our job is to ensure kids trust and want to learn from us rather than the playground. We want our kids to discuss sex, drugs, and feelings with us and their peers. We want them to trust our answers and responses to them. We want them to be our friends that they look up to with respect for wisdom. We want to provide good examples of behavior through actions and communication connections. We want them to know our stories and how we learned what we know. We respect our kids as fellow humans that have the ability to choose whether they trust and respect us. We know they don't have to like us or listen to us ~ we want them to like us and we work hard to earn this trust from them by treating them how we want to be treated. We listen to our kids and the music they're connecting with. We understand forbidding them to do something only increases their curiosity and motivation to explore something. We experience this something with them and may choose not to have it as part of our household with logical discussions and reasons why ~ always respecting and staying open to their opinions.

We learn together through a 'good' teacher/student relationship that knows students can actually teach a good educator 'how' to teach them. We know that ALL kids questions and issues or subjects will be answered sometime/somewhere ~ no subject is taboo, only learnable. We respect ALL cultures and belief systems as part of somebody's thoughts ~ Right and Wrong always depends on the angle the subject is perceived. Black and White is gray. What is right for us may be wrong for someone else and vice versa. It's ok. We do what we can to understand and move on without fear. If we disagree we understand we are in a partnership and can negotiate to solution / understanding. Failure of the partnership is NEVER an option. We are all Humans BEING on the same planet and we must share our space and thoughts with one another to live peacefully. Our choices are powerful and always come with consequences.

We Play Together ~ get down on the floor and play together. Choose cartoons over news. When did cartoons become 'viewer discretion advised' anyway? And why isn't all news 'viewer discretion advised'? Read funnies before/instead of front page. More playgrounds and fewer museums. More parks, beaches, and games and fewer markets, malls, and shopping. 

Let's give our kids some new lyrics for their Rock n Roll. Something to be proud of. Real Parents Listen to Eminem... and learn.

People write or talk with bnf ~ 'I wish I could' vs. 'You Inspire me' ~ desire vs. inspire. We wish to inspire, not be envied. Some can do this, others will never be able to.

To those 'I wish I could' ~ bnf DID with less than most have. We never carried much debt for lengthy periods, never had a new car or house, have always used second hand furniture and clothes, third rate and used electronics, cheap and local vacations. To those 'I wish I could' ~ most can NOT because they need to keep the big house, they need to keep two newer cars, ego careers, new designer clothes, budgets, exotic vacations, expensive toys, new furniture... They can't because they need things that bring pleasure that they're addicted to. They have substituted things they want badly into needs. They can't because of where their mind is regarding need. We need food, clothing, and shelter. We want the rest.

To those 'I wish I could' but don't fit above, maybe living check to check and / or with single incomes, as single parents, disabled, heavy debt, whatever... here's our reality check on perception ~ bnf chose to walk away from the appearance of USA 'rich' into USA 'Trailer Park' living. Some perceive us as rich, although we could just as easily be perceived as trailer trash the way our daily lives pan out, by choice. We could just as easily say we were laid off or unemployed, lost our home, and have lived in an old Winnebago as transients or gypsies in trailer parks with only one junker car ~ no AC, one speaker radio, uncomfortable seats, doesn't go over 60mph. We are living '8 Mile' but portray and live this life by choice, barenakedfamily ~ with less, for Family.

Limitations live in heads, just like our limitations still are. We've reached to achieve some dreams and the expectations were always exceeded when the motivation was right.

'Careful what you wish for' has always applied with us just as 'careful what you fear' ~ We've feared going broke and became stressed with debt. We've wished for the moon and reached the stars.

Our struggles remain everyday ~ to seek happiness and avoid pleasurable distractions. To remain courageous and avoid being led by our fears. To avoid the perceived 'Amerikan Dreem' of indulgence and excess. To Live, Play, Learn, and Work Together as a Family, with less ~ as it was in Amerika within the past century to the beginning of time.

May 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary to barenakedfamily!!! We have turned four years old today, May 18, 2001 is the day we left Seattle to live our life by design.

BNF on May 18 with our new friends from 24 hours of adrenalin.com

BNF on our anniversary with our new friends from 24hoursofadrenalin.com.

In 1980, the Mount St. Helens volcano in Washington state exploded, leaving 57 people dead or missing. We passed Mt. St. Helens on our way south towards Texas.

In 1920, Pope John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyla in Wadowice, Poland.

In 1642, the Canadian city of Montreal was founded.

In 1804, the French Senate proclaimed Napoleon Bonaparte emperor.

In 1953, Jacqueline Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier as she piloted a North American F-86 Canadair over Rogers Dry Lake, Calif.

In 1969, astronauts Eugene A. Cernan, Thomas P. Stafford and John W. Young blasted off aboard Apollo 10.

Rock musician Rick Wakeman (Yes) is 56. Country singer George Strait is 53. Comedian-writer Tina Fey ("Saturday Night Live") is 35.

1908 In God We Trust

In a move that seemingly flew in the face of America's founding belief in the separation of church and state, Congress passed legislation on this day in 1908 that made the maxim "In God We Trust" an obligatory element of certain coins. The motto dates back to the early 1860s, when the Civil War stirred religious feelings throughout the nation. America's heightened piety manifested itself in many places, including the treasury department, which received countless letters requesting that the nation's coins pay some form of tribute to God. Concerned citizens and religious leaders found a fast friend in Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, who readily agreed that the "trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins." James Pollock, director of the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia, was charged with devising a suitable motto. After some key revisions from Chase, Pollock decided upon the now-familiar "In God We Trust."

1927 Grauman's Chinese Theater opens

Cecil B. De Mille's The King of Kings opens in Hollywood on this day in 1927, the first film shown at the new Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Some 100,000 fans swamped the theater, clamoring to see Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, who spoke at the opening. The theater, named for its Asian-influenced dýcor, soon became famous for its sidewalk, where more than 180 film stars placed their hand, foot, or paw prints in the cement during the next seven decades.

1974 India joins the nuclear club

In the Rajasthan Desert in the state of Pokhran, India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon, a fission bomb similar in explosive power to the U.S. atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The test fell on the traditional anniversary of the Buddha's enlightenment, and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi received the message "Buddha has smiled" from the exuberant test-site scientists after the detonation. The test, which made India the world's sixth nuclear power, broke the nuclear monopoly of the five members of the U.N. Security Council--the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, China, and France.

Thought for Today: "Don't hurry, don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers." — Walter C. Hagen, American golfer (1892-1969).

Daily Cosmic Calendar
Provided by Astrology.com
The cosmos keeps coming at you with psychic arrows, barbs and zingers every day. This Wednesday is no different. Are your investments reasonably safe and secure? A Vesta-Pluto 150-degree aspect (8:09AM PDT) -- from Taurus to Sagittarius -- may coincide with a sense of worry and concern about your stock, bold or real estate holdings. It could be the right time to discuss options with a trusted financial adviser. This is magnified as Venus in Gemini squares Uranus in Pisces (9:37AM PDT). Don't take anyone -- business associate or loved one -- for granted right now. While challenges are numerous, hope and promise are waiting in the wings. Thanks to Mercury sextile Uranus (5:48AM PDT), the monthly Moon-Pallas conjunction (9:08AM PDT), and Juno sextile Neptune (10:48AM PDT), the two difficult alignments happening in the morning are somewhat neutralized. The Mercury-Uranus rapport suggests zeroing in on metaphysical and astrological studies with renewed enthusiasm. The Moon conjunct Pallas is terrific for embroidery, sewing, quilting, weaving, pottery work, and almost all crafts and hobbies. Juno contacting Neptune is the romantic-love antidote for Venus facing off with Uranus. It is not a complete panacea by any means, but it may prevent a breakdown in communications with someone near and dear to you. Be aware that the Moon in Virgo trines the Sun at 6:01PM PDT (a favorable alliance), but this also begins a void lunar cycle lasting until 9:31PM PDT when the Moon enters sociable Libra.

Astrology ~ Taurus, April 20 - May 2

Daily Overview for May 18, 2005

You attract money like flowers attract bees. Handle these financial rewards wisely.

Today's astrological menu is the stuff that surprise announcements and sudden changes of direction are made of. Don't be afraid to share. Whether it's comfort or celebration you need, reach out.

Chinese Astrology ~ Snake ~ Daily Overview for May 18, 2005

This is a propitious climate for harmony and understanding in the sphere of friendship. Contacts of all kinds will be favored. You'll be well protected on the professional plane: greater responsibility, more important contracts and numerous satisfactions will all be yours. In your sentimental relationships, you may currently be more motivated by pride than by love; consider the genuine sentiments you share with your loved ones instead, and you'll avoid disappointments.

Snake Overview for the year

The Snake will practically meet with no trouble this year. They'll charm numerous types, and can experience many love adventures. Moreover, their levelheadedness and wisdom will bring them the admiration and esteem of all. However, they should beware of any tendency toward indecisiveness. They will like to run several risks, but things will not always end up turning out all right as if by magic if they continue to do so. If they rely too much on their luck and continue to flit about ceaselessly, they could run the risk of finding themselves in complicated or ambiguous situations that might prove embarrassing or disturb their interior peace.

May 13, 2005

ha ha... ahhhh. the mysterious life. Where oh where has the barenakedfamily been? Where oh where are they ~ there? here? we know so well. struggle to be understood, but why care? because we love. to inspire. to share. to be there, here, always in a place. a family place. it's our porpoise ~ not very Pelagic. but ray. of sunshine on a year of mystery. some misery. endlessly, on and on. on tireless tires, we soar through the roads of america. of life. catching what we can to survive. to be together. like a beautiful family. out of sight. available to the world. wide. web. to lead a mysterious life we know little about. working. learning. playing. together as a family. the barenakedfamily. with less. much less. ray's without clothes. without structural 'homes'. without luggage... storage... transportation... groceries... bills... phones... mail... insurance... how to 'with less' even more? for... Family.

No longer lend your strength. To that which you wish To be free from

We are tired, we are weary. But we aren't worn out.

And we shall lead. A life uncommon.

BNF Now? We're working hard to work together as a Family. We're working hard to stay true to the initiatives we set out to accomplish ~ to Work, Learn, and Play together. It's cost us, but we're rich. broke.

The last updates detailing our efforts in September took us across the country once more where we ended up taking on an alligator farm / African candy store. We pursued the challenge to work together as a Family but the candy dealer was into shrinking heads and turning them into fodder for the ant eaters of eastern Somalia where they would sell alligator boots to unsuspecting tourists. Since the alligators were in season and we were unable to move until the Yukon froze, we finished our commitment despite the pain of our compressed craniums and depressed state of remuneration.

After losing lots of energy through all this drama, we jumped on the opportunity to 'get out', to re-group, to re-lax, to re-build ~ to build a storefront in Carmel, CA for Weed. We drove back across the country even before the Yukon froze leaving deep ruts and skid marks. Working for Weed was great, it was the right thing to do at the right time to do it. Weed's great and provides opportunities and inspiration when none is there. We felt good and productive... making some moola... a feeling of euphoria... sanding and caulking. Caulking and sanding. Greg loves caulk. He spread lots of caulk all over Carmel with the help of Weed. Greg became a master caulker. Few can caulk better. After completion of the storefront of the Cole Haan store in Carmel Plaza, Greg's master caulking caulked his way up the construction chain to help in San Francisco as a Superintendent to build an H2O store in downtown on Powell and Ellis (one block from where the cable cars turn around at Market St ~ pretty much the middle of the world in the West). Once again, we are working hard to make it easy. After construction wrapped in San Fran, we once again searched for 'what' to work together. We're currently property managers at a motel ~ working, learning, playing, and living together in the same small space. LOVE IT! A life uncommon.

Life Uncommon ~ Jewel

Don't worry mother
It'll be alright
And don't worry sister
Say your prayers and sleep tight
And it'll be fine
Lover of mine
It'll be just fine

And lend your voices only
To sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength
To that which you wish
To be free from

Fill your lives
With love and bravery
And you shall lead
A life uncommon

I've heard your anguish
I've heard your hearts cry out
We are tired, we are weary
But we aren't worn out

Set down your chains
Until only faith remains
Set down your chains

And lend your voices only
To sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength
To that which you wish
To be free from
Fill your lives
With love and bravery
And we shall lead
A life uncommon

There are plenty of people
Who pray for peace
But if praying were enough
It would've come to be
Let your words enslave no one
And the heavens will hush themselves
To hear our voices ring our clear
With sounds of freedom
Sounds of freedom

Come on you unbelievers
Move out of the way
There is a new army coming
And we are armed with faith
To live, we must give
To live

And lend our voices only
To sounds of freedom
No longer lend our strength
To that which we wish
To be free from
Fill your lives
With love and bravery
And we shall lead...

And lend our voices only
To sounds of freedom
No longer lend our strength
To that which we wish
To be free from
Fill your lives
With love and bravery
And we shall lead
A life uncommon


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