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Sailing Frisco Bay

bnf inspired once again. While on the job in downtown San Fran ~ we had to help acquire building permits. Many offices into it, a fella came by and enjoyed the kids puppet show with their handmade puppets from Folkmanis. Our horse puppet, Bullseye, is missing his tail and the kids told him all about it ~ how we got Bullseye from our friend Benny (Rebecca's dog in L.A.), how Bullseye is a head banger, and how we recently got Bullseyes friends ~ Benny the dog, and Scabbers the rat. We thought little of the conversation and went on with our quest to acquire building permits in the chaos of the San Francisco permit office. On our way out of the building with limited success, we were met by a woman that had a note and a puppet tail, she told us her boss had her come find us and give us the tail. We asked if we could go see him and thank him. She took us through a maze of security doors, hallways, and cubicles to the office of our new friend, Laurence Kornfield...

Laurence was very cool and spent a lot of time with the kids enjoying, laughing, and looking at pictures of other Folkmanis puppets on their website. (The Folkmanis story and products is great too, we suggest you check them out). Laurence is a kind and interesting soul. He's sincere in his interest in the Family and we got to share with him a little of our story. He has older kids and shared a little of his story with us ~ a construction worker that got involved with the building inspection dept and worked his way to his current position as Chief Building Inspector of San Francisco. He also asked if we needed help with our permits... We spent about an hour with him in his office and had a great story to share with the General Contractor we were working with.

The following day, we got a call from Laurence asking if we would like to go sailing ~ our destiny manifest ~ we had been wanting to sail the bay for years!

Laurence has been involved in a non-profit sailing organization ~ San Francisco Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors ~ BAADS. They help provide opportunities for the disabled to enjoy sailing. In turn, he had access to a large sailboat and was scheduled to go out inviting us to tag along.

Ye ~ freaky ~ HA HA!

We'd never been 'sailing' ~ we'd been riding on a couple of sailboats under motor, but never 'sailing'.

We were all very excited and knew that Laurence's personality would allow the kids to learn through doing.

The Home port is at Pier 40 just south of the Bay Bridge. We got a really early start.

We motored out into the bay...

under the Bay Bridge...

Bay Bridge ~ Treasure Island

Old School Whaling Boat

passed some whaler boats...


Laurence had also invited a new friend of his, Jesse, along for the sail. Jesse was in town performing as a musician with the symphony or orchestra. Laurence and his wife opened up his house to host Jesse during his stay, loaned him his convertible to drive around, and took him sailing. Good and generous friend to have that Laurence fella. We can all learn a lot from him.

and launched the sail!!

That's just a really large drawbridge that is wicked cool ~ the gigantic weight of concrete helps it swing upwards to let ships pass. Cool.

And that's the new stadium in downtown San Francisco.

And this was a peaceful and quiet page, as it should be.

THANKS LAURENCE! ~ We actually got to see you on a Discovery Channel show about earthquakes in San Fran! That was cool. See ya...


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