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BNF Party School!

bnf came back to Monterey for no reason other than the fact that our only car was there in the shop. We had no master plan, very little cash from the construction job after paying significant amounts to commute and eat, and we had to pay like $400 to get the car out of the shop, and we had to find our next source of income, and after we picked up the car, it had the same problem! So we drank Cabo Wabo because we never had and Sammy Hagar is inspiring... and we made a home schooling lesson out of it all.

Cabo Wabo

This day ~ Greg and Jenn had been out all day searching the Monterey area for job possibilities while the kids stayed home. When we got home, the kids had setup the RV for a date night! Cabo Wabo tequila is Sammy Hagar's own brand made from the Agave cactus. The bottles are hand blown and each is unique. Sammy also has a place at the bottom of Baja California in Mexico called 'Cabo Wabo' in Cabo San Lucas. The full size bottle above was actually given to us (empty) by our friends on South Congress in Austin.

This evening ~ Greg and Jenn were more about a glass of wine and some peace and quiet.

Yes, we were stressed. Anxious. Wiped out. And still happy about Family and life in general...

Mostly because we have awesome kids!

Really awesome kids that set us up with a snack plate with cookies, carrots, starburst, ranch dressing, chocolates, Reese's peanut butter cups ~ all on a covered table behind a window cover made from our favorite blanket! They had even cleaned the entire RV spotless, lit a candle, turned on some of our current favorite music ~ jack ~ and topped off our wine glasses with the warm bottle in a bucket and blanket.

And our tiny bottle of Cabo that actually did have some tequila in it! (plus hand sanitizer)

Jenn thinks she looks hideous in this picture ~ what do you think?

The kids think she looks curious ~ as in what's that taste like? Educators that we are....

'So this girl walks into a bar...Stop me if you've heard this one...No really, a girl walks into a...Where was I?'

They may never drink! Which wouldn't be too unusual. Jenn and Greg don't have the taste either...

Nor does Timon or Daisy. Between the seven of us, we polished off that Cabo pretty quick...

Maybe too quick.

Get A Roooommm!!

Austin disappeared on us after a few sips. In real rock star form ~ he wrote a song and forgot it.

Benny, Bullseye, and Scabbers didn't get any...

Ummm. We take that back.


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