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June '05 Pix

published 1.10.06

June '05 found bnf on a resurgence after some pain. We had been managing the motel for nearly 90 days (our initial commitment and their trial) and we were trying to decide whether we were going to stay on or not. After the 90 days we were supposed to sign a one year contract and we were struggling with the amount of time and energy the place demanded, the love for the people we were working with, the enjoyment of the tourists and travelers, working and living together, and the sheer beauty and quality of life on the Monterey peninsula.

The staff was second to none and we really enjoyed getting together with them.

We met tons of travelers, our affinity for the Canadians (and Texans). This fella was at the end of an extended motorcycle / camping journey and he gave us his camping equipment ~ at the time we were thinking of re-barenakeding ourselves and selling everything to camp full time in a VW van/bus to get more of America's backroads or even getting Eurail passes to hostel / camp Europe. Still may do this.

Have you tried but cheeks? We inquired inside. Jenn's sooo funny.

Waterfront was still our favorite (and nearly only Monterey peninsula activity).

We were also eyeballing and inquiring about houseboats / liveaboards thinking the whole sailing / boating life may be next.

is a famous drive around Pebble Beach community and golf course. Jenn and Greg had taken the drive way back when they did the PCH drive through Northern California. It's kinda pricey for a drive, so we had avoided it until this moment.

It's just that cool. Nuff said.

Near the end of June, we flew to Texas for Dad's wedding.

Coming back, we got stuck in Phoenix. We had also decided to give our notice to the motel and not take on the next year. We needed our time and nomadic life back. It also helped to get the call from Stone Co. for a job in Houston (which turned out to change at the last minute to Los Angeles where we spent the next three months).


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