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July '05

We ended up leaving Monterey and headed out to Los Angeles to build a store with Weed's company.  We have worked with them on two other stores and they needed some help with another one.  So we decided to take them up and build a store at a very hoity toity mall right near Beverly Hills.   It's fun work and we get to work together on them.  We couldn't find an RV spot at all being that it was the middle of summer and we ended having to stay in the San Fernando Valley and commuting about forty minutes one way.

We had to demo the last store that was here and rebuild the new store.  Greg worked late hours to demo the store because you have to do that kind of work after mall hours.  We all went down with him and get to run around the mall at night!

The front of store.

We had fun tearing out store and the kids got to keep some stuff.  The new store is going to sell cotton dress shirts and men's wear from Europe.

The shoeshine booth is right outside our doors and we got to know the guys who work it really well.  They gave the kids lessons in shining shoes and taught them some cool shoe tying tricks.  We also get to hang out with them a lot.

Working at this mall we have seen all types of people.  Since we are right next to Beverly Hills and Bel - Air a lot of fru - fru people shop here.  We have had so much fun just people watching!

Only in L.A.

We see Michael Jackson's attorney there a lot.  Greg got this photo from the inside of the store.

We also saw Paul Stanley from KISS in the food court.  He was a very weird looking guy and also had his thong totally sticking out of his jeans.  It was nasty.

We have seen lots of celebrities while working here.  This is a picture of the back of Jon Voight's head after getting his shoes shined at the shoeshine booth.  Apparently he is a regular customer here.  We were sitting on the bench right in front of the booth thinking that he was somebody else at first till Kesley said he was the guy from Anaconda!  She was convinced that she was right and had enough guts to walk up to him as he was getting his shoes shined to ask him.  He leaned over and said 'Yes I am.'  He was very polite, soft spoken and gave her a big smile and shook her hand.  He ended up talking to her for awhile and we have since seen him quite a bit.  He always stops and says hi to all of us and asks us how the store is going!  We got a Family picture with him but it didn't come out. We need a new camera.

We drive through Beverly Hills to get home everyday and can't help but look at all the people around.  It's easy to knock off the tourists though.

We take a canyon road to and from work to stay off the 405 which is always backed up.  It's really cool because you see all kinds houses some of which are on steep cliffs.  This house has slid off the hill and landed at the bottom of the road.  It was a huge house and is all broken up.

Jenn learned that Steven Page was touring a bunch of small venues promoting his solo album the Vanity Project.  She was so excited because it has been a long time since we have seen the Barenaked Ladies.  We headed down to Tower Records and stood in line to see a free show by Steven Page and get to know his new stuff.  We got there early enough and ended up getting right in front.

We went in and got his new CD which looks like it will do great.  People were coming over and asking who we were waiting in line for and we would occasionally tell them Van Halen.  People were surprised and one guy even came back to ask if it was the one with David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar!  We said Sammy Hagar.

We were so excited to hear Steve one on one and could hardly wait to see him.  For those of you who don't know Steven Page is Jenn's other love.

But I always let Greg know he is number 1!

Till Steve comes out.  Grrrrr...

Steven Page is an awesome singer and songwriter and we have always loved his music.  This was so cool because it was just him and his guitar.

He did some new stuff with a harmonica that sounded beautiful.  Grrrrrr...

After the show we waited in line to get our CD signed and when we arrived Steve was happy to see us!  We got to chat with him for awhile and he asked how old the kids are now.  He knows that they have been coming to see him since they were young.  We talked about barenakedfamily and what we have been up to.  It was nice to see him in a setting like this because he was more relaxed and we could talk more.

Before I gave him our CD to sign I wrote some stuff for him.  Then he followed up with his stuff.  We recommend getting his new CD The Vanity Project!

After working in the city it's nice to get out by the water.  This is the Malibu RV park that we have stayed at before.  It's really expensive so we didn't stay here this time just came back to see some friends.

For Greg's birthday we took him our favorite restaurant California Pizza Kitchen and even got the Volkswagen valet parked!  We were Valet virgins. Actually they require you to valet park and this little guy got into out Thing and drove off.  We really didn't like that too much but went with it.  When we were done eating we came back out to get the car and drove it out of the garage.  Just as we turned onto the busy street our clutch pedal went out!  It looked like the clutch cable broke and we couldn't go anywhere.  We pulled over into the bus lane and tried to see what was going on.  It was hard to climb under the car because the cars were speeding by.  We ended having to push the car backwards onto a neighborhood street and try to figure out how to get home.  We called some friends at the RV park and the manager ended up coming down and picking us up!  It was so nice because we were so stressed out.  Once we were back we met Tah-Rick  who woke up and helped us tow the Thing back with his truck.  We were so grateful for him!

We got know Tah-Rick and became friends with him!  He and Austin also became karaoke buddies singing The Doors songs every Saturday night.  They both love their music and talked about The Doors a lot.  So we decided to head down to Venice Beach for the drum circle they do every Sunday and find the big mural of Jim Morrison.  

We drove down the alleys till we found the building with the mural on it.  We pulled over and Tah-Rick and Austin got out and posed for the camera.

Venice Beach is a great place to see all kinds of people.  We love coming down here anytime we can and watch all the street performers.  It's full of people from around the world.

People are friendly here. 

The drum circle has been going for years here and people just gather bringing anything they can drum on.  There is no stopping for hours till the after sunset.  The rhythm here is incredible and people dance wildly in the middle.  It's great to stand there and watch everyone get into it.


We also visited Ozzy Osbourne's house while we were in Los Angeles.  Parking out front we just hung out in the car and checked their house out.  It is a huge tourist attraction and the star tour buses bring people right in front of it.

As we were looking at it a few cars pulled into the driveway.

This Family was so retarded.  The entire Family got out of the car and started walking right up to the gate and knocking!  Dad had the video camera out and filmed the kids standing in front of the house.  They were all over the place and our kids were shocked that they were doing all this!   We choose to be more Pro - Fan about it and stay in the car.

At a park near where we were staying we found this photo shoot going on.  The other guy is actually squirting the model down to make him shinier.  We were grossed out and left.

We are having fun at the park we are in. There is karaoke every Saturday night and the kids have become great singers.  Mike, the guy who runs the karaoke, is determined to get Greg and Jenn to sing 'I got you Babe!'  I don't think so.  We have met all kinds of people here and have made many friends.  The kids have made a lot of summer cash by washing cars and walking dogs too!

BNF NOW ~ Monday 7/18/05

Hey there yuh all. It's been a long time for a bnf now... or page updates for that matter. We've been pretty confused. Like all of us. But some not. But some are. What do you do? Keep on. That's what we did. All makes sense looking back. Sometimes little makes sense in the now.

So we left. off. around Texas, but then Monterey, to San Fran, and back to Monterey. Remember Pelagic? Mysterious as it may seem. Monteray. hmmmm. We wanna share something from the daytripper we'd like to make sure you've seen...

Values a bird will never no how high to fly if its not taught. a log in a fire will continue to burn red hot. family life as we know it needs to be taken back. true family values are the feelings most people lack. a shoe can not be tied with out two hands that teach. kids learn by mistakes, and with out society's preach. flowers grow because we get water from the sky. fake values are nothing but poisonous lies. show me a child that is taught to teach. you will see a child who know the stars are in reach. keep up the bnf values please and don't ever loose your rock bus keys!!

Thanks ya anonymous daytripper visitor

It's been a while. Maybe too long, maybe not long enough. We've struggled / are struggling with barenakedfamily purpose. Not our purpose. But what it's become. We spent the weekend coming up with a new intro. We've spent months trying to come up with new site ideas. Something to refresh. Something to help take it to the next level. Something that we've perceived may have become boring. It is what it is. We want to do more of what we do well ~ everything with nothing. less stuff, more fun. We work harder to make it easier... sometimes makes it harder to be easy. So what...

What is this. We somehow decided to 'stop' in Monterey indefinitely. We took a position as property managers of a motel to 'stop'. To work, learn, and play together. Living where we work. Sounded ideal. Was. For maybe a month. We got a serious travel bug ya'll. We stuck it out for our 90 days trial before contract. It didn't work for us. We sure worked for it! Too hard. Too long. Too little. Too much. Tell you something about onsite property management ~ it is what they warn you. Too much time. Tell you something we already knew about the service industry ~ people can be... so human. Amazing what can be expected out of a cheap motel. Not so amazing what simply cannot be provided per biz sense. Conflict. Frustration. Exhaustion. So there's 90 days. April, May, June.

Late June ~ short trip to Texas for Dad's wedding?!? Yep. Dad's (Grand Dad's) wedding. WOW! That was wonderful. The Texas heat was lovely. The Family was beautiful. The love was... lovely. Great. Just fine. Uh-thankuvedymuch.

Just before the wedding, Weed job calls. Houston? Yes! Just before the drive to Houston starts... Los Angeles instead? Uh. Ok. Seven weeks. That's very do-able. And we don't drive the 120 plus desert. Yet.

Craigslist is cool. Can be. Free classifieds. Found some unique housing / parking situations. Quickly realized the isolation was something that we had difficulty with at the motel. The same type of isolation we experienced in every house we've ever lived in. The lack of isolation that excites us about RV living.

RV living in 'trailer parks' is amazing. People have only room for what they need for basic living. They have neighbors right there. If you're not careful stepping down the step from your doorway, you're gonna smash your face on your neighbors RV wall and fall on their sewer pipe. You know better than this, cause when they dump it once a week... well, visit our page on that one and know that RV living ain't that glam. 

It's great! Your neighbor will help you up out of their poo chuter after you help them replace that leaky valve while you're down there. Then they're more than happy to share their beer with you on karaoke night at the trailer park community room attached to the public showers, where we go take a crap when the kids are brushing their teeth sitting on the RV toilet. Everybody's out together. The guy with the million dollar RV needs help finding his chuter from the seasoned RV'ers that have trailers they couldn't give away. Joe Dirt always shares his beef jerky and is happy to belt out some Kid Rock lyrics for the 90 year old Oklahoma corn fed dust bowl survivor parked next to the porn star that can't get her pimps RV out of the site by herself every 90 days as required by California's 'squatter rights' laws.

Picking a 'good' trailer park has its challenges. You want the ones that don't allow the obvious 'squatters' identified by the black spots under the axles that used to be some form of ancient rubber tires and vinyl covers to protect them from rotting like this. We drove through one park that Jenn identified as potentially having 'registered sex offenders'... Greg believes they more likely have 'un-registered sex offenders'. We left... And went about a block away to park near the porn stars RV. A larger Napoleon Dynamite lives nearby and plays with the kids. A Stuart Little kid lookalike with wicked long hair loves to ride Kesley's pink banana seat bike that we stole from Ed's granddaughter Rian. Sorry Rian. What comes around goes around, we may not get that bike out of this park.

We're also back to major conservation. The propane tank hasn't been filling right for the last three fill ups. We're using less and dreading the inevitable repair. Our water pressure is regulated below 40 psi otherwise it will blow out the RV pipes. We plug into 30amps total electricity which is equivalent to one of many breakers in most houses. We clean our less than 300 square feet in less than 30 minutes. We live outside more than inside. We watch less TV and spend more time together. We bathe the dogs and brush Timon's hair out. He sheds less. We jog, lift weights, ride marathons, mountain climb, parachute, scuba dive, bungee jump, and climb from tree to tree chasing squirrels and eating sparrow eggs raw. We pee in the woods and take baths in the Los Angeles river. We collect rainwater, live off solar and wind power, and recycle our feces to grow our own vegetables. We practice tantric meditation and as parents enjoy Karma Sutric sex. We float on command and tele transport ourselves which is why there is now world peace. Yay, we farted.

So if that's not enough babble for ya, go to previous BNF NOW babble where we did write some mumbo jumbo about saving Family. We're busy saving ours. If you save yours, let us know what works.

Kumbaya. - bnf


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