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January 2005 Pictures

Man where we stressed out when we got to Monterey County ~ that is until we got close to our Weed. It's amazing how calming Weed can be. It was great to be in a trailer park enjoying Weed. Weed's good. No, Weed's great. Thank you Weed. We love you.

There's Weed now ~ right out our window (man they stink).

We think it's Tara's hummus that makes 'em stink so bad. But we still love 'em. Weed makes Jenn a little neurotic and fancy.

And makes Austin plain fruity. What does Weed do for you?

The kids had some Weed in the Weed storage bin to get away from the parents. We think they may have had a bad reaction to this Weed area because they came out sweaty and stinky. They loved the cubby hole even though it was like 150 degrees down there ~ notice the sewer pipe in front of Colton? How do home schoolers socialize? >> right next to the pooper.

Ming loves Weed. Ming colleged with Mrs. Weed before Ming knew Mrs. Weed would even be Weed. Kevin got Tara hooked on Weed.

Ming knows things because of Weed. Ming talks to us psychopathically when she is with Weed. Ming frightens us when she is with Weed.

So we took her away from Weed ~ think of it as Weed intervention. "I see you. There is no life in the VOID". It's okay Ming, you can save yourself from Weed with the right support structure. White is there for Weed. Floor it woman!

Please don't leave me with Miiiiiinnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!

Jenn got on. Took care of Ming. And Weed. And the kids... to check out Monterey County.

They visited places such as Monterey, Pacific Grove (PG), and Carmel. With Weed.

While Kevin and Greg were slaving away (Greg had Weed too), Jenn would take her Weed and the kids on short walks (or even shorter drives) to places such as Dennis the Menace park. This has one of the greatest playgrounds we've been on (with Weed) and is surrounded by Lake Estero. In the distance is a boat in Monterey Bay just beyond Del Monte Beach where we all spend a lot of time.

The kids are dying to rent and ride the paddle boats and we're trying to convince them that $20/hour is a huge waste because you're so wiped out after five minutes and it's really pretty boring... with Weed?

They climbed fake rocks instead. Surely these rocks carry less liability than real rocks.

We celebrated Colton Weed's 682nd birthday (three in human years). Colton is da mastah. I doen like dat mommeee.

Austin's been playing guitar much more than honing his skating skills. Wasn't able to show off for Weed that much this time through.

Looping southwestwardly'ish in the bay towards PG is Fishermans Wharf.

The Low Flying Fish are more dangerous after 99 cent margaritas at Cabo's (JOSE! Bring another round!). Cabo's also has some awesome burritos and chips.

The man with the monkey is creepy.

The monkey's cool.

He's very interested in shiny things and seems relatively bored with people.

Very smart though, takes your cash, then your watch, and somehow empties your pockets before you even stand up.

And that's why Life is like a box of chocolates.

Keep going past the wharf and through a tunnel to arrive on Cannery Row made famous by some author named Steinbeck. For us, it's just another cool place to make fun of tourists and throw monkey doo doo at them.

A little farther runs along the waterfront towards the open sea where the coast line is rugged, the waves are crashing hard against the rocks, and the Weed gets silly.

It's very dangerous to go out on the rocks due to rogue waves that can suck a person out to sea and 50 degree water that can throw them into hypothermia within minutes.

PG to Carmel is a long way for free or relatively short way if you pay the $8.50 to run part of the 17 mile drive. Someday we'll see 17 mile drive again. Greg and Jenn visited back in '94 and were in a fight the whole way. No idea what we were fighting about now, just that we pretty much hated each other driving around one of the most gorgeous places in the world. We're okay now. It's the Weed.

The kids and Weed drove the long way to Carmel. Timon yakked.

And the kids found this box in a tree.

They opened it hoping there was nothing dead in it. Timon yakked again.

Letterboxing is fun. Gimme a letterbox and Weed and we're alright all night long. WOO HOO! Letterboxing RULES!

Hey there Guna from Michigan ~ we stole your note and used it to fuel our fire. Nice flowers.

just kidding... jeez.

ooooohhhhhhmmmmmm stamp ooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmm stamp ooooooohhhhhhhmmmmm stamp...

Hi, my name is Kesley. I've been kidnapped by some crazy Weed and need help. Please help. I can't stand the smell of those stinky feet no more.

Brenon got bit by a snake and learned his lesson about sticking his hands where they don't belong. Weed helped.

And Austin finally learned his lesson about rogue waves. We'll miss him.

And da mastah found his shadow.

Then took a crap.

And threw it at this house.

Then da mastah delivered fog on cue. We're telling ya, he's da mastah. 682 years old. Knows stuff. Weed.

Carmel is a really hoity toity place. It's possibly beyond Beverly Hills and La Jolla in hoitiness. So when the kids came back from swimming on the beach without swimsuits, they put on what they could (not much) and came to the park across Kevin and Greg's job site to have some lunch with their trailer park Daddies all dirty and stinky from a day of construction.

Nice boxers Austin. Chick magnet legs... meaning chicken magnet... as in chicken legs. Gah. Freakin' idiot. Weed. What the heck would you do in a situation like that?

Kids in the middle of Carmel in a public park in their underwear eating sandwiches with their trailer park loud and proud Moms. And Weed. Everybody SCREAM!

During January, we made many trips to the beaches and waterfront in the Monterey area. We found ourselves attracted more to the Carmel beaches, but it may have been because Greg was working there too. The RV was parked in the fairgrounds which was a long drive to Carmel (like 5-10 minutes, yo!), but Carmel also had the Trader Joe's that we love to shop.

We also headed north of Monterey to explore but the dunes are high and rugged with few pullouts or access to the water. It was nice to be working and bringing in some much needed cash. We were primarily thoughtless and enjoying it through January. Greg was working many hours but the kids and Jenn were able to see him often and we were taking parts of the job together (such as both cleanups ~ construction and final clean). Working together as a Family. We were looking forward to the next job with the company and were talking with them about continuing working with them as a superintendent. It generally requires a month or three in each location a bid is won. As superintendent, there is a good deal of autonomy and requires taking responsibility for all aspects of the job and ensuring it's done properly. We believed it was a great opportunity affording us some decent income and we were very good at moving around the country as the job requires. Greg was doing something he loved to do as well ~ carpentry, building, working with his hands ~ creating...

...grateful to be created.

Grateful to be Family.


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