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Pictures ~ Feb '05

February starts for us in Monterey, CA where Greg is continuing work on his two week job that started Jan 5th (?!?) ~ yeah, it's one of those. In a good way. We've been talking with the company about becoming a superintendent for them which would pay us well to continue traveling around the country. For the mean time, we're taking whatever work the job in Monterey provides ~ Greg's done much of the carpentry on the store front and a lot of little installs on things such as the fire extinguishers and bathroom fixtures. We also bid and won the contracts for both the construction cleanup and final clean that we did together as a Family. We've started to relax quite a bit, the steady work and income has been great to be able to count on. We're enjoying the occasional Starbuck's every now and then again! We also found the internet cafe ~ Cafe Noir where we spent a lot of our time (not updating the website). This February update comes May 29...

Feb12, 06 ~ (from bnf now)

Hola. Napoleon Dynamite is our new favorite movie. Go see it ~ twice.

You know we can't afford the fun pack! Put it back and go get some Pampers for you and your brother. -Uncle Rico

Our internet access is sucking since we left Austin. There's only one cafe we've found to work it out ~ so here we are.

We met really cool Emily here. What's up Emily? Come back and see us...

For Kesley's b-day on Feb 6, we took her tennis'ing with Weed.

Colton was our master... and ball boy.

We also met a really cool guy, Luke Archer. He runs Just Enough that puts programs together to teach music. Go check out his website and what he's doing and support it. He also gave Austin this wicked awesome guitar and amp. Thanks Luke! Love ya.

Finally updated some website pages ~ check out our Vintage BNF pages ~ go to What's New for the page links.

Thursday Feb 24, 2004. ~ (from bnf now)

http://www.roadtripnation.com/interviews/347/ ~ Road Trip Nation interviewed Cecil Williams, Reverend, Glide Memorial Church in downtown San Francisco ~ across the street from where Greg would pick up donuts while working downtown. Later, while surfing the net, we found this quote when we really needed it and were oddly familiar with the church because of the donuts....

THE REVEREND: Yes. Yes. But the bottom line to me is that love means living dangerously. And to live dangerously you have to risk all that you have. If you just risk half of it or you risk a little of it, that's not risk. If you're going to do it, you have to go all the way. I feel very strongly that we must all go through something, if we are going to get something. So put it this way, if you don't lose your life, you can't gain it. You have to lose something. Lose something, so you can live. Life comes after death.


Thus 'en starteth new'ed Feb'ish stuffeth....

Home sweet home. Mmmmmmm.


Dat mastah is soooo hot right now. Colton pickin' up babes in a Pacific Grove coffee shop is him just conquering another city through his coffee shop modus operandi.

With Brenon at his service...

And Greg and Jenn wiped out in a good way. Pacific Grove is a really cool little city on the Monterey Peninsula. It reminds us of Issaquah in so many ways. When we were in this coffee shop, a couple walked in with their baby ~ Dad went shopping while the mom and baby hung out with us in the coffee shop. They were living simply in a place they loved. They were in a house down the street and walked to most of their errands and events. The ocean was a short walk away and the main street through town has numerous cafe's and coffee shops. The city's a little off the beaten path of Monterey so has less traffic and clutter than others in the area. Pacific Grove is also known as the Butterfly Capitol because of the Monarchs that overtake the city during their migration.

Down the street from PG's main street (Lighthouse) is a lighthouse on a rocky point. This has been one of our favorite places to hang out and take naps on the sandy parts while the kids play on the rocks that are incredibly dangerous because of rogue waves and hypothermic water temperatures.

This point is open to the Pacific Ocean at the southern tip of Monterey Bay.

The waves crashing here may have traveled several weeks from as far away as Japan just to be smashed into this rock for our enjoyment. God's so wicked cool and we're thinking she likes us.

Probably Loves us unconditionally too.

We're all some pretty lucky mo-fo's to be sharing this earth.


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