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August '05 ~ Ya'll

We are still building the store here in Los Angeles and are learning lots about it.  It's pretty cool hanging out t the mall and watching all the people here.  We have made great friends with lots of the people who work here and the kids have become regulars at most of the shops.  The Xtremefamily called and said they were going to join us for awhile and work on some things with barenakedfamily!  They have just started their life on the road in a bus that they totally redesigned themselves in true rock star fashion.

Raul runs the shoeshine booth next to the store we are building and the kids like hanging out with him.  We have seen Jon Voight get his shoes shined here a few times.  Raul is a very interesting guy to talk with.  He has shared his stories of coming from Mexico and learning how to run a business in America.  He is a hard worker and a genuine human being.

Raul has taught the kids how to shine shoes and some cool shoe tying tricks as well.  He takes the time to talk with the kids whenever they are around and always treats them well.  He works with his brother Victor who is just as nice.  We always like to see these guys.

We are working on monocoat which is this muddy mixture that goes on the beams of the roof.  It helps prevent fire from spreading and is a messy job that can cost a lot of money.  We had to find someone that knows how to work with it to come in and apply it.  Yuck.

Since the Xtremefamily has come we have been busy with projects and the kids even started a band called the 5 Dead Kids.  They got that name from the last time we were together in Monterey and the kids took off to explore the Monterey Fairgrounds.  Our great camp host, Sue, found out that they kids were running around and freaked out on us and screamed that all she needs is to find 5 dead kids in the campground!  We just let her vent and she calmed down but told the kids not to run around by themselves.  So it stuck.

Matt getting into his zone before a concert that the kids put together for the RV park.  They worked really hard at writing their songs and music practicing for hours during the week getting ready for this show.  They also had to work through a lot of ego's to get to the music but they pulled it together.  There were many times where they fought but they always talked through it and listened to each other in order to work something out.

After sound check the band retreated to the bus lounge to chill before the show.  You can see how they worked hard to set their stage up on what they had.  A BBQ grill, some tables, and the bnf Rent a Family tip bucket.

5 dead kids.com

Maddie is one of the guitar players and her and Austin can really jam together.  They have the same taste in music so they get along pretty well when they are playing.

Tah-Rick got his arm signed first from the band.  He is a musician himself and has taught the kids some thing about playing.

Afterwards we went to the bus lounge to discuss the show.  They loved playing live and were thrilled that tons of people came out to see them.  They ended up making thirty five dollars and immediately started a band fund and added to it by washing cars and doing chores around the RV park.

Then passed out.

Dreaming of music.

Tah-Rick invited us to watch him film his movie that he has been working on for a long time.  When he got laid off from his job he sat for months writing this script and working towards his dream of making a movie.  He earned studio time by doing internship work for the studio some years back.

We took turns sitting in the monitor room and the actual set during the filming.  The actress was Vanessa, another friend of ours from the RV park.

Jim and Cindy were on the set sneaking around.  Jim does that.  A lot.

We sat in the monitor room and watched take after take to get the one that Tah-Rick wanted to use.  It was interesting to see all the details that go into making something like this.  It took hours just to get about five minutes worth of tape.

The Atomic Punks were playing a free concert in the park so we grabbed some Families and took them to see the best Van Halen Tribute Band ever!  When we got there the crowd was around five thousand people.

Kesley honing in her Pro-Fan abilities.  She is tuning into where the tour busses are and where the best place to be is.  Good girl.  She also found this cool Van Halen tank top at the thrift store.

Crazy rock star Families that look way cooler than most.

The show starts and the crowd goes wild!  These guys know how to put on a show and got the crowd worked up fast.

The they recognized us from the Whisky last weekend and sang to us.  Before the show we went and talked to Russ who is the guitar player and got to know him a little better.  He is a wicked cool guy that looks more like Johnny Knoxville when he is out of costume.  All but one are Family guys and are true to them even with drunk skanky girls throwing themselves at them.  The singer Ralph always dedicates the song Beautiful Girls to all the wives in the band and says great things about them and their kids.  They can play at a Fuzion any day.

Especially the way they play because they got it going on.  Russ has perfected Eddie Van Halen's guitar solos incredibly.  Since Austin has seen this he has endlessly practiced this till he got it. 

Sunny and Kesley got up on stage again and started pulling the other 5 dead kids up with them.

The 5 dead kids with Atomic Punks and a few groupies!

The it turned into all the kids in the audience before too long.  The band was totally cool and welcomed them up on stage!  That a true rock star.

Matt and Greg sharing a moment and a few good Van Halen songs.


The band asked the audience to turn on their cell phones and wave them like lighters in the crowd.

Greg and Jim working on some details for Fuzions.

After the show the kids hung around and got some autographs from the band and shared their excitement about seeing them play.  It is so cool to see the kids learn from guys like these and guys like these love kids like ours.


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