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April '05 Pix

published 1.10.06

April '05 finds bnf not wanting to do much of bnf at all. The previous Monterey page covers most of our time there, but we come back to cover the month to be consistent (Greg anal thing). Enjoy.

Flat Stanley for Jenn's sister in Port Aransas, TX is most of the reason any pictures were taken in April. The Kes has Flat in her left arm here...

And Flat greeting guests with Jenn before S8 uniforms.

We actually took 'barenakedfamily.com' off the car. It usually lives in vinyl on the engine vent above the back wheel. We also took it off the RV at the time. Telling you ~ we were in a bnfunk.

S8 uniforms came with issues ~ Jenn dealing with one of the many we had.

On our rare time off, we would go to the harbormaster for 'Mary Monday'. Mary was our way cool friend that worked here on Mondays. Flat likes windows.

Mary hooked us up with a key to the marina to check out the boats. Flat likes boats but hates water.

We didn't have much time off at the Motel. Our schedule gave us 'one full day' off ~ which was actually just two of three shifts off.

We had Monday through Friday from 7a-3p kinda off because the desk was covered. Since we worked the previous night from 3p-11p, and had to wake up for any issues or guests from 11p-7a, we were usually very tired and would generally only get out of the apt from around noon to just before 3p.

We found some great Mexican food at Fishermans Wharf and better than that, cheap margaritas.

Fishermans Wharf is Montereys historic wharf that has been turned into the tourist trap.

Flat made his rounds.

That's Flat with some teens above the tunnel getting drivers to honk.

And Flat on a wicked cool new 'vette. The owner was really interested in us on his way through the parking lot. We ran.

PG is one of our favorite places. It is grouped with Monterey and Carmel in this cool set of coastal communities.

Above Monterey.

So this page is just gonna suck. There's Flat. Enjoy the pics.

Alpacas at Monterey Fairgrounds.

And Greg's chopper ride.

Home School ~ visuals of rip tides.



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