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San Fran '05 Part II

La la la la ah dah dee dee hmm hmm hmm hmm uhh phhttt ka plunk. More 'Frisco. It's a neat place. Gaaahhh!

This was an enormous picture of old 'Frisco that was in the courthouse that we kept having to go back to for construction issues.

In our mode of transport. Those passes are a really great way to get around. One day passes were like $9, and one week unlimited passes were like $70 for all of us. We covered many miles in the buses, streetcars, and cable cars ~ and experienced humanity crammed in tight places at its finest.

Greg's job site on Powell at Ellis was picketed by the union because we hired a non union group of framers and rockers. The pimp came unannounced.

Greg and the kids enjoyed checking measurements with the lifts. The site was like 400 square feet and rent was over $6,000! We knew this because the mail showed up and H2O was late on their rent... hope they paid. We did too much work getting it outfitted.

The cable cars were definitely our favorite mode of transport. The kids loved hanging off the sides up and down the hills.

Haight Ashbury is one of our favorite places in San Fran. It's the hub of the '60s revolution ~ Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix... They all hung in this district and its maintained as such. In '96 we got pix of the kids in front of giant pot plants in front of a head shop.

This year we decided to go with the sex toys.

We'd like to tell you gaspers about something ~ in Amsterdam where pot is legal and sex is normal, the kids don't see any of it as deviant. We watched young kids playing in front of graphic images and they didn't even notice what was behind them because it was just human bodies connected like they had always seen. So who's the pervert?

Sunny is.

Told you that island floats. Here it is on the way out of the bay under the Golden Gate bridge for maintenance.

And there it goes ~ next to the Golden Gate makes it look really small don't ya think?

That's one big cable made up of many tiny cables. Way more impressive in person as is the rest of these pictures ~ but you're on our 'web sight' and you'll just have to deal...

Have you guys met Bullseye? Rebecca, technically her dog Benny, gave us Bullseye in Los Angeles last year because we had too much fun with him head-banging out the VW. Now he's been around the country entertaining millions (or at least about ten, definitely us five.).

Sunny is entertaining too. Very colorful ~ this day she has the same color socks on, but that's unusual. She's a goofy, uh, how do you say, smart ass. Speaks her mind.

Kesley is a little more refined. Fashionable. Sensitive. She's our doll.

Austin's just a rock star in the making. Attitude, style, looks, talent, the whole package. Step off.

And these two characters? Just give 'em a room and leave 'em alone.

Kes got it here. Not sure what happened to the rest of us...

There we are. Sunny's terrified because the bridge is shaking and is like way up there.

Telling ya, Sunny was falling apart. She couldn't control her fear. We encouraged her, mostly. Scared her a lot too. She's deserving. And always laughs with us afterwards.

Getting better...

Bullseye got the walk out there in the backpack.

So he had all the energy when we reached the support tower.

This bridge was shaking! The big trucks would go by and really shake the bridge. It was very cold and windy and it was a pretty nice day. There are signs all over the bridge and a committee to help prevent suicides. The committee is spending a lot of money trying to figure out how to make it harder to jump off without ruining the visual aesthetics and analyzing the costs of the different methods of preventing suicides through a more secure bridge. 

They've put a net there to catch their fall / Like it'll stop anyone at all / What they don't know is when nature calls, you go -BNL

We're spending more energy making sure people know they're loved.


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