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5 dead kids music video

The 5 dead kids got their start back in the Monterey Fairgrounds this year when bnf and xfam hooked up for the first time.  We decided to let the kids go and check out the fairgrounds to see where Jimi Hendrix carved his name into the stage.  As they were out wondering around the fairgrounds the camp host, Sue, found out that they were by themselves and totally freaked out on the parents.  Now, Sue is a wicked cool person that will do anything for you but you don't want to cross this woman.  She has taken very good care of bnf while we were there, so we treat this woman with respect.  She pulled up and told us just how dangerous that was and they have no business wondering around alone.  Even if they are together and old enough to do so, all she needed was to find five dead kids in the campground.  From that point on the became known as the 5 dead kids and have a good story behind how they got their name.  It's so rock n roll.  Thanks Sue.  We love you.

Our friend Mike is a TV editor that works in Hollywood and has edited just about every network show you have probably seen.  He is a totally cool guy that asked the kids to help him with a video he wanted to put together for his nephew who loves the song from Shrek ~ Accidentally in Love.  He asked the kids if they wanted to make a music video to that song and they all agreed that would be awesome.  He told them this would be a process and require a few days worth of work and several takes.  They were all about it.

So Mike brought his light kit, a Tarik, TV quality video camera, and all the sound equipment as well and set it up for the video.

Our friend Tah-Rick helped the kids set themselves up to avoid being in the light shadows.  The kids were cool about everything and took direction very well.

The kids spent about an hour before Mike got there listening to the song over and over on the Karaoke machine reading the lyrics.  They practiced it over and over till they memorized the song.  They are usually about punk rock and rock n roll music so this wasn't a song they knew all the words to right away.

Sunny on keyboards.

Maddie on one of the lead guitars.

Austin the other lead guitarist.

Kesley on drums.

Matt on drums too.  (Now Kesley is on bass after scoring a wicked cool bass from a friend).

Setting up the sound and getting ready to start shooting.  The set up took about an hour or so before we could even start filming.

So the kids just practiced and went over their material.

And discussed what they would do when they became famous. We can get a canoe... and some rope...

And fit in a little band yoga.

Greg offered some of his roadie experience to the kids. 

Let the rockin' begin.  Action.

We all watched as our kids rocked feeling so proud of them.  All the work that they had already put into this and the rehearsal time that it took to learn the song had paid off.  They looked great up on stage and played so well.  They had fun and learned so much about the time and equipment that goes into this.  They appreciated Mike for bringing all this stuff and sharing it with us all.  The smiles on their faces as they were being filmed were so intense and the feeling of looking like true rock stars was apparent in every way.  They were gleaming with pride and satisfaction over this project and continued to work over the next day with Mike getting other video of their day to day routines.  They were committed, determined, and great performers on this project and we are all so proud of them.  If that's what rock n roll does for people, then so be it.


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