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Live Music ~ Austin, TX

As fans of live music we try and get out to hear it whenever we can.  Using our Pro-Fan ability we also try not to leave any show without a picture or autograph!  The kids have been raised on live music since they were in the womb and love to accompany us out to shows all the time.  They have honed their very on Pro-Fan skills and know the importance of a good show.   Since most shows can be hard for minors  to get into we try to find the ones we can take them to.  Live music is a great way to spend time together as a Family and since it can be hard to get them to some shows we have created FamiliesRock.com as a way not only for our Family, but others to see a great show!

Waiting for the show to start at Threadgills.  A popular live local music venue that hosts a variety of musicians every night of the week.  Tonight we are waiting to see Austin's own Vallejo!  Greg loves this band and has listened to them for years!  This is the first time that we are getting to see them.

Goofing off before the show.

Greg fixing his hair before the show.  Gotta look good for Vallejo.

Thug life.

Austin loves live music.


Kesley practicing the paparazzi hand off.  Notice the wicked cool building downtown in the background?

The opening band before Vallejo was, well...not good.  The guitar player was cool but the rest of the band just got on our nerves.  They took forever to sound check when it should take a few minutes, sat around and chatted with their friends making the performance late, and then flat out sucked when they went on.

Then Vallejo came out and rocked the crowd!  Three of them are brothers and are all good friends which shows through their work.  They are professional musicians that have great music.  Vallejo has won all kinds of musical awards and even has their own day here in Austin, TX.  Greg thoroughly enjoyed their show and the girls ripped a poster off the door after the show to get their autographs!  Told you they were Pro-Fans!  Relax thats what everyone does.

Kesley, crazy bongo playing guy, and Austin.  This guy plays the bongo like a mad man!  And drools all over himself.

Sunny, Kesley, Omar Vallejo, and Austin after the show.  Vallejo dug playing the show at Threadgills because they have kids too and it's always nice to be able to have them around.  They were very nice making sure they took the time to talk to the kids and sign autographs.

Austin, Alejandro Vallejo, Sunny, Alex Vallejo, and Kesley.

Not sure if this guy is with the band all the time, but a great guitar player.

This guy was the only good thing that came from the opening band.

bnf with Liz Phair at a radio station promotion.  We screwed up this meeting and felt awkward trying to talk to her.  It was one of those meetings that you wish you would just stop talking but you don't.  I guess it didn't help that we weren't big fans, we didn't even know the names of any of her songs, and we showed up too late to see the performance!  Anyway, we took the photo with her and she went on her way.  After she left we just sat there feeling dumb when Jenn looked over at the table Liz had been signing autographs at and saw Liz's cup sitting there.  She walked over and nonchalantly grabbed it and put it in her purse.  Just thought it might be cool to have someday.  She also saw one of the rolled up posters that Liz had been autographing on the table and opened it up.  It said 'Jenn, you're wall is not complete without me!  Love Liz.'  Freaky!

Ok, now this is one of our favorite performances we have been to in a long time and we didn't screw this one up.  Greg and Jenn are huge fans of Shawn Mullins, a Pacific Northwesty kind of singer songwriter.  We have been listening to his music since some of our first RVing trips driving through the desert southwest. We remember cramming in the front seats of our little class c motor home as a Family devouring his songs.  Even the kids remember all the songs so well.  Anyway, we found out that he was playing a small intimate gig here in Austin so we were really excited and needed a date night bad!

We showed up at the venue and had standing room only so we hung out by the bar.  As we were leaning on the bar having a beer, we chatted about how cool this was.  Greg looks over and says 'I think that is Shawn Mullins right there!'  Shawn Mullins is kind of a regular guy who blends in with the crowd.  He came over to where we were standing to get some coffee and ended hanging around the bar right next to us.  Greg and I can't believe we are hanging out at the bar with Shawn Mullins, it's like hanging out with your favorite literary role model.  Just something so deep.  He may not be huge rock star status, but that's what makes him cool and it fits with his music.  His presence means something different to us than other rock stars we have met, he is really personal to us.  Greg leaned over and started talking to him and he was just like we guessed he would have been.  Plain cool guy!  We got to chat with him awhile and share the stories of us driving to his music for so many years.  He was genuinely touched and shook our hands saying he was glad that we were here.  He went on to perform and gave a brilliant show!  By far one of the best we have ever seen!  After the show we found him in the parking lot getting into his RV.  Greg called his name and he turned around and smiled.  We walked over to him and spent about twenty minutes talking with him.  We asked if we could take a picture with him and he was totally cool about it!  Since it was a new camera we haven't figured out all the adjustments and the picture came out blurry.  But that's ok, we got to hang out with Shawn Mullins.

From the first time we have seen Guy Forsyth at Threadgills we have been addicted and try to catch him when ever we can.  Tonight we saw him perform with the Asylum Street Spankers.  He rocked the crowd with his Texas country type of rock and put on a hell of a show!  At one point Greg turned to me and said 'Matthew McConaughey is dancing right behind you!'  You see we had met Matthew McConaughey earlier that day at a gas station and the kids all walked right up to him, introduced themselves, shook his hand, and then asked to pet his dog.  He was wicked nice and let the kids pet his dog.  We all went on our way and he made our day!  Well as we were dancing at the show the band took a song break and Greg looked over at him and said 'Hey, we met you today at the gas station!'  He just looked at Greg in a very intense kind of way almost like he was going to kick his ass and then said 'You guys are the barenakeds!  Your kids are so <effing>  cool!  They came right up to me and looked me in the eye and told me who they were!  They shook my hand and even asked if they could pet my dog!  You don't meet many kids who can look you in the eye like that.  Those kids are cool man!'  Jenn hugged him several times during our conversation and he was patting Greg on the shoulder.  He was so excited!   The band came back on and we continued to dance with Matthew McConaughey .  Later that night Jenn turned around to see where he was and saw that he was hanging out with Lance Armstrong!  After the show we got to meet Lance Armstrong and shake his hand!  Austin rocks!  And Guy wears wicked cool Chuck T's! If Maddie was here she would be chomping at the bit.


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