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Dad's Wedding ~ June '05

We flew from Monterey down to Texas to see our dad get married.  We needed a break from the crazy work we have been doing at the motel and we were glad to go home for awhile.  We had to get up early in the morning to catch our flight but it was worth it.

This is Bullseye's first flight ever.  Most of the kids were really young the last time they flew so they were just as excited.

We took a couple of planes to get to Texas, but we think it is too cool to walk out to your plane.  The airport in Monterey is very small, they have like three employees.

Bullseye took his seat and his nuts, peanuts.

Looking out the window was so awesome.  We have been so busy working that we have not had any time for ourselves, this made it so relaxing.  We couldn't get out of there fast enough!

Horsepower! Whoo-hoo!

All for this ~ Texas...Freaking love it here.  Smells like home. Fresh trees, swimming holes, and Family.

Dad and his soon to be wife Jan rented out a luxury bed and breakfast in the hill country of Texas for all the kids and their Families.  We think Dad and Jan saved the best room in the place for us.  We were so grateful for that because we really needed a vacation.  The room was huge and there was a hot tub right in the middle of it!  The bed was the most comfortable one we have ever slept in!  The shower was great and there was a little bar area too.  Dad and Jan made these really cool gift bags with all kinds of things inside, including some of the best damn bbq sauce in Texas, Stubbs BBQ Sauce.   Dad and Jan had the entire weekend catered by another famous BBQ restaurant the Salt Lick!  Brisket, beans, tacos...man, it's nice to be here.

I could sleep in here!

The windows in our room were great!  There was a little patio right outside of the room with a view of the creek and entire property.  We were just feeling so happy being here, it's hard to put into words what this meant.

Maybe you can understand through the pictures.  Rope swinging with your cousins.


Even something stressful like wedding planning can be fun in the right company.  For so long we have missed what has been right in front of us.  barenakedfamily has learned a lot about themselves.  Don't have a problem whispering to Greg to sneak off to the woods with me though!

WARNING: Cheesy Family photo shots...bnf gets new sisters and brother in laws!

Dustin and Austin have always been a little weird, maybe that's why they get along so well.  Dustin is our nephew that lives in Houston.  We love being able to see these guys.

Ashleigh who is Dustin's sister and the best niece anyone could ask for.  Every time we see them they are so much older.  Beautiful.

Their brother Trey who now drives and to the left is Greg's brother James.  Think a little bit country a little bit rock n roll.

Dad and his boys with Jan and her girls makes for good Brady Bunch jokes.

The huge Family photo with some new Family members!  Too many names but you can look at their faces, they sure are cute!

The start of the wedding.  All the small granddaughters were flower girls.  There were like forty of them or something.

The bigger grandkids got to sit front row.  Ashleigh is in the background having a moment.  She does that.

So here's a better picture of her.

Seriously 'I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock n roll.'  Dad, Greg, and James make a handsome bunch of guys.

Diana gave Jan to dad and then did a celebration dance.  No, we were all crying though.  Dad and Jan have known each other for over twenty years so we were all glad to see them getting married.

Doing their thing.

Sunny looking so beautiful.

Dad and Jan now married or as they put it  ~ finally married!

Kesley, Sunny, and Austin living it up!

Standing with our new Family.  Well, we have known each other for a long time now.  Dad and Jan were the first people we told we were pregnant with Austin.  They were totally supportive of us even though we didn't do it by getting married first.  They had their concerns and offered us love and support.  They gave us our only wedding present when we did get married, a beautiful crystal vase that we have still.  We have never forgotten that and it's the story that won everyone over with during Greg's toast!

Greg, Jenn, Patti, and James.  These guys inspired us at an early age to be a great Family.  When we sat around the table late one night talking with the Family about how Greg and Jenn hooked up, we shared the stories of how some people decided to disown us since we did not make the decisions they would have liked us to.  As we were talking about we told them how that really hurt us but we knew what we had to do, even without some of the support.  Greg's brother shared with the Family how he was one of those people and we think that he kinda felt bad about that.  Over the years we have always had an great relationship with him and Patti no matter what.  At the time of all this they were the only people we knew that were raising kids and we took a lot of inspiration from them though they never knew that.  We wanted to be great parents and would always think about them as we were learning how to be.  They have always been very important to us and we are glad that we got to share this talk with them.

Greg and James with their new sisters!  We spent the rest of the night hanging out dancing and drinking with the rest of the Family.  It was great seeing all of our Family and getting to spend time with them.  Dad hired an awesome Texas singer who played the entire night while we all sat together.  We felt so tired but so refreshed while we were here and it was so nice to have some time off.  It was great to see the kids playing in the creek and hanging out with their cousins.  We couldn't believe how much we missed all this.  Even though we had to go back to Monterey we learned some important lessons while we were here about life, love, and Family that we really needed to understand.

When we headed back to Monterey our fights were cancelled due to some mechanical stuff so we got stuck in Phoenix. The airline put us up in a hotel and paid for some meals.  We are waiting for a shuttle to come and take us to eat dinner from the hotel.

We were glad to have even more time off.

When we got back we were ready to start thinking about what was next.  The motel was starting to wear on us and we needed to consider moving on.  We weren't sure what that meant but we wanted to do something that we could all be happy with.  We would love to be back in Texas with the Family for awhile and see all of them.


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