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Christmas in Colorado

We spent Christmas in Colorado with our new Family, since Dad and Jan got married we now have new brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews.  So we took Dad's Pathfinder packed it full of crap and headed for a road trip up to Colorado and some adventure!

Dad's hot ride sporting our roof top carrier fully decorated with FamiliesRock.com stickers all over it.  Yep, we tend to be loud in everything we do.  Not to mention it's red and Ed loves that about us.  We cool.  We even gave Dad his very own FamiliesRock.com sticker on the car and he later said he was glad that it didn't say barenakedfamily, 'Chaplain Jim' can't quite get his head around naked and Family together.

It's about time we got a New Deal.  This sign represented many things for us and finding it out in the middle of nowhere made it even better. Bottom line it's all about a New Deal and we're gonna kick ass.  Ya'll.

Never thought of North Texas the way we do on this trip.  Flat.  Nothing.  Empty.  Perfect.

So much so that we pulled over and let the kids trespass on a cotton farmers land because it was so cool looking.  It was so beautiful and peaceful we decided to wander around it.  It was on a county road so we figured that was game.

To be out in a field with nothing around and wide open spaces is like nothing else ~ Levelland (James McMurtry).  We can just sit here for hours and watch the days go by.  Waiting for the Naked Indian to appear.  Those are giant bales of cotton.

But we got back on the road on our way to La-Buck (Lubbock) for the night to meet up with our Family at the hotel.  Bushland sucks.  Sorry.  Just don't get it.  War.  Oil.  Ain't right.

Kids aren't used to sleeping like this on a road trip but they did just fine. They are used to traveling with their bed and bath ya know...

We passed a way cool volcano in New Mexico which is one of our favorite states to drive through.  There is something special for us when we drive through New Mexico.  We could get lost for hours on the roads through this state.  And we have.

This was our first road trip in a car for years and we're loving it. Being able to pull over on a whim is great. Running a 37' RV towing a car has its ups, and downs. Big RV experience taught us to stick to the Interstates and main roads, car trips are different. Here we're back on track and heading to Colorado while taking a photo op in the car. 

Not for long as we decided to take the back roads and get lost for awhile.  Don't think we are ever going to get there, and that's okay.  We love the road.

After two days of driving through the flat lands of Texas and New Mexico we saw our first mountain range in the distance.  It's so cool to drive like that for so long and then see them appear slowly over the horizon little by little.

Everyone was really chomping at the bit to meet up at Greg's sister's house in Colorado so we 'hauled butt' as we got closer.  A little side note about barenakedfamily 'hauling butt' ~ We met with three other carloads of Family in Lubbock who caravaned from Lubbock to Monument, CO together, without us. They wanted to run 80-90mph with the radar detector and get there. We bowed out and told them we were going to enjoy pulling over a lot, taking pictures, and picking cotton. We ran about 60mph which has been pretty normal for us for years in the RV. Feels good to relax on the road and let everyone zip by while we enjoy the scenery and let the stress roll off with the horizon. So 'hauled butt' for us meant picking it up to about 70mph which is still relatively relaxing. The rest of the caravan got to Monument about an hour before us over the 10 hour day of driving. They were just starting to relax as we pulled up, very relaxed. They're jealous and they know it.

It was so beautiful coming into the mountains!  We are planning on spending about a week here and play in the snow with all the Family and get to catch up with everyone.

We took a two hour guided snowmobiling tour up into the Rocky Mountains to arrive at the Continental Divide at 11,500 feet.  It was amazing because when we started the tour and went into the woods everything just rolled off of our shoulders and the scenery was absolutely stunning.  You can't think of anything at all but what's right in front of you.

At the top of the Continental Divide at 11,500 feet!  How kick ass is that?  How you like me now?

Once we headed back to the lodge we had to go through some pretty tight spaces.  This was a one way trail that was barely wide enough for a snowmobile to fit through and trees everywhere.  Jenn risked her life trying to get her glove off, reach into her snowsuit for the camera, while still steering the snowmobile to capture a picture.  After she got the picture she couldn't get the camera back into her snowsuit and had to drive with a glove in her mouth and the camera dangling on her wrist. She's soooo dramatic. it was scary, no, i'm serious. ok now you're mocking me. and then james and dusty were on my ass... SHUT UP! (eye roll) it was really bad. i'm going to bite you later... that's what i said bitch (don't write that) ha! Greggy you're supposed to be proofreading...

All the Family together.  It was so much fun spending time with all of them and get to know everyone a little better.  We all had a blast and are thankful to have each and every one of them.


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