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Big Sur and Monterey Aquarium

We're actually taking some time off with steady work ~ almost forgot what that was like. We've been able to forget about 'what's next?' and just realize that what's next is more construction come Monday morning. It's actually very relaxing in many ways. We're settling in and taking this time off to explore our locale ~ in this case it happens to be arguably the most beautiful drive in the world ~ the Big Sur region on California Highway 1, better known as the Pacific Coast Highway (or PCH). 

Big Sur is really more of a region than a place. There is a town named 'Big Sur' and a Big Sur lodge and park, but most refer to it as the region of PCH from Monterey to San Luis Obispo (SLO is just north of Santa Barbara). This stretch of PCH is relatively remote and rugged driving, meaning up and down with turns on cliff sides that take a truck or RV both lanes to navigate. It's not recommended for vehicles over 35' and is certainly not any fun if you're not in a little car easy to maneuver into the many turnouts with spectacular views. We had made it to SLO and Hearst Castle in the RV years ago, but chose not to run PCH for the reasons above. Now that we were in Monterey with some time off we took the VW down, down, down...

This scenery starts just south of Carmel. The PCH is cut out of the mountainsides several hundred feet above the water.


Far. Wherever you are...

Our hearts will go on.

The Bixby bridge was made famous by its being featured in many car commercials and some hulky green guy. And its one of the top 10 highest single span bridges in the world (built in 1932 by your mom).

We were throwing rocks over this hill trying to hit the water but the rocks would just disappear we were so high, so we thought until we heard a scream...

And these people were yelling at us to quit throwing rocks at their house.

So we backed off a little, disguised ourselves, and threw poo.

Then hid well.

 A little too well. Kesley went missing for a few hours until the bears found her.

And sent her back to us downstream. She's recovering well.

PCH runs the coastline for about 30 minutes south of Carmel then dips into the woods behind the coastal mountains for another 30 minutes or so.

Back in the woods is where Big Sur State Park is.

Wonder if Pfeiffer is related to Pflugerville and if they ever learned how to spell more efficiently?

We didn't need anything in SLO so we decided to turn around and go back home to Monterey.

Coming back is, well, coming back on the most beautiful highway in the world. What'd ya think it was. Gah.

From a distance / The world looks blue and green / And the snow capped mountains white / From a distance / The ocean meets the stream / And the eagle takes to flight / From a distance / There is harmony / And it echoes through the land / Its the voice of hope / Its the voice of peace / Its the voice of every man / From a distance / We all have enough / And no one is in need / And there are no guns, no bombs and no disease / No hungry mouths to feed / From a Distance / We are instruments / Marching in a common band / Playing songs of hope / Playing songs of peace / They are the songs of every man / God is watching us... From a distance / From a distance / You look like my friend / Even though we are at war / From a distance / I just cannot comprehend / What all this fightings for / From a distance / There is harmony / And it echoes through the land / And its the hope of hopes / Its the love of loves / Its the heart of every man -Bette Midler

That was cool. And that looks cool.

From a distance. 

huh? I don't get it papa. It's ok Sunny, you're what they call 'home schooled'.

That there means yo puhrunts are over zealous freaks too dang lazy to take you to a real school. Now go get your brother another beer and go shoot us some deenner.

Howza 'bout some Jellies tonight papa?

Dang it girl, I told you to take them stingers off before ya boil 'em.

But leave the fat, thats there some good fer ya.

Turns out we did see the Great White shark ~ we told people we missed it after it was released because it was eating the other fish in the tank. Found this dark picture, enhanced it, and voila. We've seen the Great White that was in Monterey Aquarium for a brief and traumatic (for other fish) visit.

Wonder if these guys survived?

And that's how you home school ~ the only parents on and in and through the playground this day ~ come on parents ~ get in there, you know you want to, you just don't remember...


In. Mom and Dad too ~ getting wet and re-discovering the original fascination with touching things. Splashing others when we 'shouldn't be'. Running, laughing, and simply knocking off like children. Again. It was great fun.


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