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Austin, TX October '05

We finally made it to Austin with the XtremeFamily after months in L.A.!  We are so happy to be home and eat at all of our favorite places!  It was still warm when we got here so we immediately went to tour our favorite swimming holes.  We started getting caught up on all the live music Austin has to offer as well!  We flippin' love it here!

Maddie fit right in here with her true appreciation for all things rock!  The kids continued with their band practice hoping to score some local gigs while they were here.

We also got to purchase a new camera finally!  The old one we were using had taken over eleven thousand pictures and had taken many falls before finally showing lines in  the last few pictures.  Sunny and Jenn filled it up the first night with goofy pictures in the RV.

Since being back we were brainstorming on how to turn our Fuzions into more of a production and started looking at new equipment.  We started looking for a venue of our own and renting existing venues to pull off some shows.  It has been about a year since we did the last Fuzion and were pretty burned out after the hard work we had put into the shows all of 2004.  Taking some time off we were much more excited about  them than we had been all year!  With the help of Xtremefamily we were ready to take it to this next level.  Jenn and Cindy were supposed to be out looking for a venue, but fell prey to the wonderful food and cold beer of Shady Grove instead.  Actually we all were tense back at the house and decided to unwind before working.  Very important.

Driving around Austin we all felt so good to be back and loved being in town.  This has been more of a home to us and we finally learned to appreciate it the way it deserves to be appreciated.  Ya'll.

We took Xtremefamily around downtown Austin showing them all the destination stops like 6th Street, The Capitol, Zilker Park, and of course every opportunity to see live music!  They couldn't believe Texas could be so green!  They told us that they were expecting to drive here only to find dry, dusty, and empty tumbleweed land!  Nope, just cool people, great food, and swimming holes everywhere!  Here the kids took advantage of the cool downtown area to take some band shots.

We love how serious they take it.

At the Capitol, they posed as the five dead kids and then jumped up to do a rendition of 'The Stars at Night...' complete with the clapping scene and all.

We goofed around in the capitol for hours as the kids went down all the hallways looking at all the art when we stumbled in this empty room.  Since we were here, we passed a bill making it legal for Families around the world to rock thy town all hours of thee night!  For those about to rock, we salute you!  A good Rock Show is a terrible thing to waste.

Then we took the party outside for all to see!  Cindy asked if we could ever take a normal picture.  No, the answer is no.

We spent the day at the Barton Springs pool which is fed by natural springs and makes the water temperature feel like forty degrees below zero all year.  We don't usually pay to go into this part of the pool because we have always swam in the free part just under the dam of the pool for years.  We decided to take these guys here this time because it is a jewel here in Austin.  You can always count on seeing naked people here too, as Austin is just that way.

After the kids put their clothes back on we took them for a stroll through Zilker Park.  They found this really cool oak tree they swung on having a ball.  Yes, that's Jessica Simpson in the back.  Chomping at the bit.


Now for some great Texas music!  We found Matt the Electrician and Southpaw Jones jamming one night so we thought it was about time we caught one of the shows.  We have heard about Matt the Electrician for years now and had never seen him.  Well, the both of them completely blew us away with their music and songwriting.  If you ever want to give the gift of great, humorous, yet deep lyrical music, your really need to hear these guys.  And feel good about supporting great music!

Then we caught the most incredible band on the Austin live local music scene ever, ever, ever ~ Guy Forsyth!!!  We had never seen him perform before so we had no idea what kind of show the band put on.  Well, about freakin' fantastic!  From the moment they started the show there was magic in the air.  It was one of those shows that leaves you breathless.  He even plays a saw!  We were hooked and bought their CD's.  You will want to hear all you can from this band!

At Opal Divines, we caught Texas Radio performing and rockin' the crowd with their genuine true Texas country rock music!  They were so energetic and got people of all ages dancing to their music.  Even the lead singers mom was dancing all over the place!  There's something about sitting outside on a warm night listening to great music with good friends.  Yum.  It was here that Jim coined the term in the middle of a conversation he was not in 'What?!? Maddie's chomping at the bit?!?'  And yes, she often is chomping at the bit.  Right now she is chomping at the bit.

Chomping at the bit.

Thinking about chomping the deer.

Xtremefamily and bnf chillin' in the Hill Country at Greg's dad's place.

bnf, G-Mom, and Granddad.  They invited us all of out for some burgers and drinks.  We had great fun with them and a relaxing time on their deck until dad compared Greg to a crack whore in some sort of fatherly conversation he was trying to have. That's just dad, you have to know him.  We just laugh at him.  And then hit him up for crack.  Thanks!

We spent hours with dad and G-Mom before heading back to town.  Since Maddie is always chomping at the bit she got in trouble and thrown in the police car.  No, we stopped off to get something to drink at a convenience store before heading home and ended up talking to the police in the parking lot for over an hour.  They were interested in our websites and four wheeling since Xtremefamily droves a ginourmous Jeep.  Jim and Greg got invited to go four wheeling with them the following weekend.

And they did.  Greg said it was a little too intense for him and like many of the other people there, got out of the vehicles and walked as they climbed up huge hills and came down steep inclines.  This is Jim's Jeep as they were driving through the country.

This guy was climbing straight up, hit the gas too hard and got stuck straight up on his spare tire! He would have flipped over backwards if it hadn't been for his spare tire.

We ended up getting to meet a new friend, Spike, in Austin.  She is a journalist that writes articles for different publications and does all sorts of things in the community.  She wrote an article about the art of stacking rocks some years back and from then on Greg really got into and stacked rocks all over the country.  Greg loves reading her stuff and has been since the early nineties so he emailed her when we  got back into town to try and meet.  Found out that she was having a benefit for a foot operation she needed so we attended.

Lots of local musicians played for the benefit and came together to raise some money for her trip.  Max, Southpaw Jones, and Jenn got to hang out and talk about nothing at all.  In fact, it was one of those conversations where you were trying hard to say something cool and keep the dialog flowing but nothing you did or said worked.  At all.  Turns out we were pretty in awe of the musicians and that was the problem.  Even Pro-Fans have their days.

We decided to carve the million pumpkins we gathered between the two Families for Halloween a few days early.  It's cool being this close to another Family and sharing the different traditions each one celebrates on holidays like this.  This year Cindy taught our Family the fine art of pumpkin lacquer!  Just kidding, she shared all her Martha Stewart tools, patterns, and techniques to do those fancy faces on the pumpkins.  It was cool because we had never done those before and learned how to this year.  Maddie was chomping at the bit to carve pumpkins.

They all came out wicked cool!  Greg and Kesley took the award for the most creative (far left) as they hand designed their artwork and carved it out.

The kids all got into the spirit by creating their costumes from things laying around, some mail order stuff, and the local thrift stores.  Notice the honking garlic hanging on Matt's jacket?   He was Van Helsing, the Vampire Slayer.  We took them trick or treating in a very cool old Micheal Myers type of neighborhood in Austin where we have gone for a couple of years in a row.  They scored.


Xtremefamily after a Halloween night of partying.  They still look good.  But Maddie is chomping at the bit, as usual.  Happy Halloween!


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