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Austin and Max's birthday's ~ September 05'

Max is a friend of xfam and took a bus ride to come hang out with us in Los Angeles, CA for his sixteenth birthday.  Austin's thirteenth birthday was so close to Max's that we just had a double party for the both of them and took them out on the town to celebrate.

Matt and Max hanging by the bus after he arrived.  Max is a pretty cool guy who cracked us all up.

For his birthday cake Max requested a lemon meringue pie instead.  Sure, no problem.  Till Cindy and Jenn had to drive miles and miles store after store to find one.  Can you believe it was that hard to find a lemon meringue pie?  What the crap?  Wasn't that stuff crammed in your face at every function, birthday, wedding celebration you have ever attended? 

Apparently not any of the ones these guys attended.  They have fun written all over them.  TGIF.  Thank goodness it's Friday.  Happy Friday.  It's the weekend.  Hooray.

We told Max and Austin that we were going to take them down to the Sunset Strip and eat dinner at one of the coolest places ever, The Rainbow Room and then go party at the Roxy.

Max agreed and loved every minute of it.

Notice the red barenakedfamily card behind Greg?  We leave one every time we come here.

Maddie is using her telekinesis to put a spell on us.  She does that, just don't make eye contact with her and you'll be fine. The candle stops floating when you don't make eye contact...

No matter how punk rock they are, they are still the cutest things.  But still punk rock.  Ya'll.

Max was having a great time and great dinner and then desert was served by a hot blonde.  Austin's thinking he can't wait to be sixteen.

And then Max was serenaded by more blondes clapping and singing for him. 

Happy 16th birthday Max!

That's what I'm talking about.

This was our waitress last time we were at the Rainbow and she just fell in love with Matt.  She just kept looking at him all night and commenting on how cute he was.  So we got a picture with her so he can appreciate that story in a few years when he becomes the next Eddie Van Halen (on drums).

After dinner we took the kids over to the Roxy where we saw some great live music.  Whenever we can catch a good show we are all over that business.  We do hail from the Live Music Capitol of the World.

Then this crazy punk rock band came out and literally rocked everyone onto the dance floor with their horn skills.  Who would have thought to mix up punk with a trumpet and trombone?  Whatever, it sounded way cool and we were totally into all their music.  It's so cool to see musicians mixing it up and keeping it fresh.

This band played heavy metal and it seems that Jenn was the only one into this band.  Whatever.  They were good.

By now we were all getting a little tired and getting ready to head back home.  The kids had a ball and we had fun celebrating with them. Good food.  Good music.  Good times.  Max left a few days later and we were grateful for getting to know him.

On Austin's actual birthday we got him a very easy to find blackberry pie.

Hard to believe that he is thirteen now.

And still the best kid ever.

Mike came over and joined us for a little blackberry pie and a lot of thirteen.

Austin is definitely one of the coolest people you will meet.  And we think he's still retarted.


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