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Atomic Punks ~ Whisky a Go Go

We took Xtremefamily with us to the Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip for their first time.  They begged us for days and days to share our Pro-Fanity with them and teach them to be like us.  So we finally said yes, yes we will teach you all that is rock.  They had never been here before and they all were ready to get it on!  We went to see the Van Halen Tribute Band Atomic Punks at midnight and had scored a great place standing right next to the stage.  The Whisky a Go Go is where Van Halen got their start years ago as well as many other famous artists.  The kids were ready to see a great rock show and watched as the other bands unloaded their equipment and made room for the next.

Leaving the trailer park and heading down into Los Angeles we looked good!  Nothing like good trailer trash.

This band was playing when we got in.  We didn't like them much, no we didn't.  The kids started to throw bottles and start a riot insisting that they leave now.

The kids hung around the side of the stage where they could see the bands coming in and out.  Right outside the band load door were the other bands from earlier and the kids enjoyed seeing how they all tear down and set up.  The kids have formed a band called the 5 Dead Kids and have pulled off some great shows, so they were up for learning how to put on a real rock show.

And rocking out!

Austin and Matt who resembles Eddie Van Halen trying to stay away from the groupies.

Too late!  This happens to him all the time.  We can't take him anywhere.

Atomic Punks came out and we were in for a show.  We had no idea that they dressed the part and everything!  These guys were Van Halen all the way!  It was really wicked how much they all looked like the band.  They put on a true rock show and had amazing energy.

They saw the kids watching them and asked them to get on stage at the Whisky a Go Go with them way past midnight.  Hello unschooling!  Ralph, the lead singer, talked with them and then asked them if they had a request.  They all requested Jump and he turned to the band and said 'if the kids want to hear Jump, then we play Jump!'  He then told the kids to stay up on stage and dance with the band for the whole song!

The kids went mad and rocked out with the band thrashing around all over the stage!  The Atomic punks loved the kids and sang to them often.  It was great to see the kids have this experience on the stage that so many famous rock stars have got their start.  They were so thrilled and it really inspired them to do something great with their music. 

They ended up on stage a few times that night and throughout the show the band would come over to where they were standing and play to them.  In the middle of the show the band was interacting with the audience and asking them questions.  They got the audience to sing some songs and during that some guy threw a plastic cup at the Eddie Van Halen guitar player!  The band tried to have fun with him and got him up on stage to ask him why he did that.  He just continued to act like a drunk and was trying to grab at things on stage before being hauled off by security.  We had been standing right next to the stage so when they grabbed him they rushed him down the stairs right in front of us.  We grabbed the kids and shoved them back against the wall to have room between them and the guy.  It was kind of freaky but the kids thought it was so rock n roll!  In fact, they actually thought the guy was pretty stupid for paying to get into a show and then get kicked out like that.

BY THE WAY: A little history lesson for those of who are not in then know.  No, those are not 'devil horns' that the kids and Ralph are throwing up in the air.  That is the international language of ROCK.  It is indeed the shape of a Rock lead guitarist hand positioning while rippin' out a flippin sweet riff.  We are sharing this tidbit of information because it's easier for 'others' to form their own story about little things like this rather than take the time to find this out.  That is why Rock n Roll is so powerful ~ rebel when your words fall on deaf ears.

AND AGAIN:  Rush does not stand for 'Ruled Under Satan's Hand'.  Duh.

They went on to enjoy the show anyway.  It was so cool to see them really watching how the band was playing trying to learn a few things themselves.  Since the show Maddie and Austin have improved their guitar playing a ton and the other kids have learned how to have stage presence and dance just like David Lee Roth.

Before getting caught with a cup of...water.  Come on ya'll.  Geez.

Cindy and Jim also learned how to have rock star wardrobe as well.  Before the show Cindy told Jenn that they needed new rock star clothes for the night.  They have just recently left their old life behind, bought a bus to travel in, and are learning about who they really are.  So Jenn and the kids took them to our favorite thrift store and we got them some rock n roll stuff and some Converse.   They do clean up nicely.  No more pearls.

That's what I'm talking about.

The kids were going all night and really dug this band!  It's really cool to see another generation of kids turned on to some old Van Halen.

After the show we headed out on the Strip to party some more, see some thngs.

It's a really cool thing to take the kids out to see the real world.  Most people wouldn't think about bringing their kids to a great rock show and talking to them about things like this.  Doing things like this brings us closer together because it gets us talking about stuff we might not otherwise.  Like Hustler.  We have taught the kids lessons about the real world and they have certainly taught us some things as well.  Go party with your kids.


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