Moving Pie, Building Dreams, and that Morning After Feeling

In the middle of months of hard work, pie making, and all things honest…sometimes I just like blog posts as simple as these.  A little barenaked goes a long way.

Feels really good that work is coming out of the winter hibernation and though we’re still navigating the waters, we’re getting busier.  This struggle has made us look at how we’re living now and how we lived in other parts of life.  We’re coming out a slow season, our lease is up in a few months, and it’s been kinda feeling like a sweatshop to keep up with this area.  It’s a blast being here and getting to see things like waterfalls, majestic mountains, and getting to live with so much beauty but we’re finding ourselves scratching our heads a bit.   Is it worth the work, struggle, and the damn doors that have separated the us the last few months?  Especially, when most of the work we’re getting is coming from all over the country?  Not to mention the BareNaked book is coming along great…

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