Mobile Marketing

When we were in Issaquah we were working hard at finding work as a Family.  We were convinced we would find something where we can work together, because we had realized over the past year how powerful we were as a team.

So we researched Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing are tours that are set up to promote products.  You see these kinds of promotions at festivals and events where they are set up with cool vehicles and free samples.  So we built a resume and took some photos to send out to the companies who hire for this kind of work.  Thought it would be cool to have a Family representin’ Family products like X-Box, Sony, Microsoft, even the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile.

We set up the house as a photo studio and started taking photos to send out.

Then this photo helped change everything.  You will find that had become the logo for all things barenaked.  But we had not yet locked onto the name barenakedfamily, it was still

But we considered MooMooand among other names.

We even went to local stores to generate creativity and we took photos wearing their clothes.  Secretly.

The Tiger Woods look.

Hyperlite boards created by our friend Herb O’Brien, H.O. Water sports.

We had tons of fun taking these photos and were feeling like we would be a great fit with Mobile Marketing.  We sent out tons of proposals and resumes to the companies, but the world was not really ready for us yet.  We put a huge amount of work and time into this but were able to come out of it with an abundance of information on this type of work.  Years later it helped us when we were working with BNFamily Foundation and the tour proposals we had to come up with.  So it was a  good use of time after all.

But all months come to an end as July ’02 let August ’02 roll in and we still felt clueless but closer, to something… not sure what.  Feeling frustrated without knowing what our purpose was, we continued to out pictures on the website for friends and Family to see what we had been up to.  The website was also continuing with the lame writing and cheesy photos, but we didn’t know any better.

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