March 2003 Pictures

March 2003 Started for BareNakedFamily in San Diego, CA at Campland on the Bay campground. This is easily one of the best campgrounds we have been to. They have activities every day for the kids and adults. Nice pools and hot tubs, view of Mission Bay, convenient to Sea World and Pacific Beach and all the shopping we need.

We started March at the Cheer competition – check out this experience!

We also went to Tijuana in Mexico. Don’t miss this experience page.

We got season tickets to Sea World in San Diego and ended up there quite often. Another good experience.

Kesley’s birthday is Feb 6 and we had a party. That’s Jon Jon with her who also is at the campground for a longer term (not one of those ‘weekenders’).

We stumbled on the set of the ‘Hunter’ series. Apparently they’re bringing it back. We didn’t realize it ever existed but stop for anything looking Hollywoodish.

Greg and the kids actually stalked the room they were shooting in at the hotel. Jenn was too chicken but took the pic for us!

Austin started an arts and craft business to earn some money for a Diamondback bicycle. Jenn was able to help him understand the basics of running a biz – buying the materials and supplies and creating sales projections and pricing strategies.

The art turned out really cool and the girls even got in on it.

We received a letter that was sent to us from Prescott, AZ where we lost our cat of 10 years. A caring couple found her collar and body and was kind enough to take the time to write a letter to the vet clinic where her tag was from. The letter and collar was forwarded to us here in San Diego. The closure is better than not knowing.

We miss Kiki very much.

Greg found this bike down the street and stole it.

Actually that’s Coco that looks a lot like Greg – everyone in the campground thinks so and tells Greg and Coco every chance they get. Our kids play with Coki (his son) and Greg is often mistaken for Coki’s dad. Coco gets the same as Austins dad.

Pacific Beach is near the campground and we spend a lot of time there. The kids tried to sell some of their art.

It’s okay to eat at a restaurant without a shirt in California?

Pacific Beach boardwalk is concrete.

We think this picture talks. Just look at all that’s going on – think we’ll sell it.

Barb and Jenna Bush – we’re coming up so you better get this party started

– Kes and Sunny BareNakedFamily


“Yo Blue Crush! We’re trying to play a game here!” -Stupid, while trying to play horse shoes.

Spring Break – hard on minors.

Old Mcdonald had a farm….

Hey Kes, let’s go pick up some bikers and kick those Bush girls butts!

Jenn gets anything she wants for her B-day. Los Angeles this year.

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