Malibu! Where’s that? California. Let’s go. Okay.

It actually went more like ~ it’s time to leave Prescott. Debbie and Miguel will eventually get sick of feeding us and we don’t wanna burn that bridge.



When we left Prescott, we were kinda heading back towards Issaquah, WA and closing in on a year on the road ~ the expenses were eating up what we had. So we spent like crazy people in Malibu ~ fear, stupidity, frustration, giving up, passionate about not giving up ~ this is where Jenn got her digital camera for Mothers Day.

This is also a very expensive place to live. The RV park gives you a dirt parking spot with water, sewer, and electric for about $1200/month. But the view is amazing and you can feel the waves below.

We stayed in a waterfront spot for a night or two (maybe a week, we did spend way too much money this month), and the back of the RV hangs over the edge ~ pretty tricky to hook up the utils but it’s way cool looking out the back window and only seeing water. The hillside behind the waterfront sites actually drops at a steep angle to PCH (hwy 1) about 150 feet below then the beach another 50 or so feet. Apparently Malibu means ‘loud surf’ and if it does, it lives up to its name. When the waves come in, they crash with such intensity that you can feel them in your RV.

We chose the ‘mountain view’ site instead of waterfront for monthly ~ that means good luck with the mud slides o ye of too cheap to pay for the great spot… Our home is above across from the bathrooms next to the fifth wheel in the foreground. The cool looking motor home in the foreground is Tom and Donna’s home. They changed our lives.

Tom is a really cool guru. We actually didn’t meet him until after living there for a few weeks. We have since become close. He has done lots of cool things in his life and met lots of interesting people ~ he knows Michael Jackson and shame on you for judging someone you don’t know from media propaganda (if you have). We suffer the same judgment bug… But anyway, Tom introduced us to Eastern Philosophies that we hadn’t yet heard. He also hooked us up with some great reading that has taught us a lot ~ Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda; The Four Agreements and Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz… Suggested reading. More later.

1) Don’t make assumptions. 2) Don’t take anything personally. 3) Be impeccable with your word. 4) Do your best.

Greg was doing his best to talk with everyone that would talk with him one day and ran into Jay. They talked about cars, and buses, and boats, and motorcycles, and suspension, and motors, and horsepower, and patching roofs, and… All those things guys find so interesting and pisses off moms and kids cause he’s out there talking, AGAIN! And he was late for dinner.

Jay and his girlfriend, Rebecca, had sold their home in Vermont and bought a bus to pursue Rebecca’s singing career in L.A. They have since parted ways and Jay went back east to Jersey and Rebecca stayed in L.A. pursuing her music career. We have kept in touch with both of them and stay with Rebecca in her apt when we visit L.A. and Jay stayed with us in Salem and treated us to a cool Boston tour.

Benny stayed with Rebecca in L.A. because that’s more his doggy style.

And ‘killer’ Tosh went with Jay.

Tosh seriously bit Austin.

But loves Jenn cause she doesn’t scream in her face.

We also met porn stars in the park. These guys were filming ‘The Osporns’ in a nearby mansion funded by Playboy pictures.

And these guys (Annie Body and Marcus) weren’t funded but had an old ‘Bounder’ RV that they lived in and used as a studio in the RV park. Jay and Rebecca had introduced us to them and they brought us all strawberries from the market. We had dinner with them and the women made fun of the men talking about how hard audio is to capture on video. Ron Jeremy lived in a mobile home park that was shut down in San Diego next to Campland where we stay.

Oh brother.

Where art thou?

Makin’ bacon with the momster.

Moves things along.

That’s just gross. Or I’m farting.

While in the park, we also met Zuma…

And Venice. And their parents Amy and Scott. They live in a converted MCI bus ~ whenever we pass a Greyhound, the kids yell ‘that’s like Zuma and Venices house!’ These guys are great ~ we spent lots of time in their Greyhound, um, MCI, uh, house. Scott took various construction jobs so Amy could stay home with the kids in Malibu. They are a great example of the art of living.

So we went to the beach. Many beaches actually.

Jenn loves the beach.

And so do the girls.

Love the beach, but know the dangers ~ this lifeguard is teaching us to stay out of the water that is running from the inland into the beach as it is contaminated. With what? Sewage. The multi million dollar mansions septic tanks suck.

And they eventually make it into the ocean. Turns out most of the beaches near metro areas (L.A., San Diego, San Francisco…) are contaminated with high levels of bacteria. They only close them when these levels are ‘excessive’. Gross.

Our septic systems in the park were probably leaky too. They were always working on them. Sunny really doesn’t use a sucky and hasn’t for many years. This was a disciplinary tactic gone wrong. They liked ’em.

So we got ’em to walk the neighbors dogs and pick up their poo. This is Benny again. He’s so L.A.

Dallas was our neighbors dog that the girls absolutely fell in love with. We would baby sit Dallas just because. Dallas’ dad also lived in the park full time ~ he is a personal trainer. The man, not dog. Although the dog did train the girls pretty good…

and Kiki trained the dog. We miss Kiki.

Not really our tour bus

And our Prevost tour bus (and someday we may actually have one to miss).

Cher's Malibu Mansion

We saw this limo outside our neighbors mansion one day. Cher had to go to the Divas live performance in Vegas and we waited near her gate to wish her well. We never got to see her cause that jerk with the badge had other plans for us…

Demi's Malibu house

So we stalked, uh, waited outside our other neighbors house with Ashton long before they met. Never saw her or Bruce either.

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