You should write a book…

Ok. Here are three books and some articles by Jenn.

The first of three books she wrote was handwritten, scanned, and published on Amazon in 2015.

Becoming Barenaked

Becoming Barenaked journals how it got started – dropping out of corporate America, selling all the crap, pulling the kids out of school, buying an RV and hitting the road in pursuit of a new American dream.

In the next two books, she started a series – The Art of Love, Sex, & Illegitimate Baby Making: My Parenting Confessional.

Fast Cars & Pin Up Girls is the first in the series and tells a story of young lovers growing into a family.

Pork Steaks & Birthday Cakes is the second telling the stories of babies. Lots of babies.

Fast Cars & Pinup Girls
The Art of Love, Sex, & Illegitimate Baby Making: My Parenting Confessional.

Some videos for the Parenting Confessional series

My Parenting Confessional – I was born in the ’70s. Raised in the ’80s. Had kids in the ’90s. And I empty nested in the ’00s. Growing up in my childhood home was hard, making babies was easy, and raising great kids was challenging. I met my husband, Greg, in 1991. I was 17 and he was 23. Naturally, we were arrogant, carefree, and madly in love with each other given our young age. Somewhere in those late nights, and definitely before marriage, everything changed when we made a baby… (view on Amazon)

Becoming Barenaked – This isn’t porn. Everyone always asks and some of our family thinks it is for sure…but it’s not. This is our story of how we simplified our life. With kids and crap. So, no porn here folks, just a real emotionally written break up with the American dream. If that’s your kind of porn, then I guess this is definitely for you… (view on Amazon)

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