Home on the Range…

I love being inspired by real women. Like women who enjoy cooking, appreciates a good husband, raises great kids, takes stunning pictures, makes home cooked food, has great hair, wears clothes not sweat pants, builds things out of crap laying around the house, designs Lady Gaga costumes out of foil for the kids, loves dirty little faces, and stays up late to write it all down before getting between the sheets and owning her man.

Sorry bitchy, pissed off moms, your time has passed! Take your self pity, no one appreciates me, basket full of laundry attitude, husband bashing, drunk night out, my kids are devils, I’d rather be drinking a martini than stuck in this house kind of blogs and make room for the women who know how valuable a good home is.

Like this woman.


The question is not ‘where did all the good cowboys go?‘ But ‘where did all the women go?

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  1. Not to mention, they are pregnant again…so they can have one more thing to complain about! But then again, if those pissed off mamas didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have anyone to bitch about. She’s amazing and such a great role model.

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