Here we go again…

Our new house

Our new house.

I have a great idea – let’s get rid of all our shizz and hit the road! Version 3.

Austin, Texas is a great city to live in and be from. It recently won another award as such. Seattle came in second and the summer’s there are way better. So that’s the loose plan.

Get rid of all the shizz that three years on a foundation has brought and move into Happy Max…

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  1. I love your straight to the point blog perspective on this one. Yeah, sutff, sutff, stuf, yadda, yadda, yadda…it’s so easy at this point. I love how people still freak out about it though. It makes me realize how weird we really are. 😉

  2. Hello BNF! We are the Bluebird Family. I have seen you guys before, from a link from Vickis (Fuhkaui) blog. We were recently parked in the Pecan Grove RV park downtown A-town and these 3 people on bikes came up to talk to us…they loved our bus and we love our bus too, so we liked them instantly! They told us that they had met another family who lived in their RV and I asked who it was…the BNF! Fun Stuff! I said that we didn’t know you but we know who you are.
    I’ll have to catch up on what you guys are up to. We were just in AK for the winter, in a house. Yep, we have become very skilled at letting the stuff flow too! Pass it on! Back in the bus for a while and loving it! Are you guys still in Austin? We are here for another week or so. Would love to say hello if you are still here! Deb

    1. Hey Deb – LOVE the Bluebird! …and Pecan Grove.
      We’re still in Austin for now (technically in Dallas right now) but will be back on Thursday. Drop me an email and we’ll see if we can hookup before we leave.
      Greg at barenakedfamily dot com.

  3. So are you on the road yet? I’m ubercurious as to your whatnots and whereabouts. Hope you’re having fun and that is a KILLER bus.

    1. Yes. On the road but not so much on the cool blog some really beautiful bald one coded and colored for thus.
      We are currently sipping organic free trade on the Fall River in Estes Park and enjoying electricity and the finer things.
      Killer bus is aircooled oh so much like the killer brown bus we know. ie: altitude sickness but surviving one fix at a time.
      Where art thou?

  4. What kind of bus is that? I saw your post on Craigslist when you were selling the VW Thing and mentioned the RV. Wish we could have met you; you inspired my wife and I to stop at Pecan Grove. We did and fell in love with Austin (where our daughter was born). Have been here for 3 yrs now and itching to get back on the road – just can’t seem to figure out the financial side of things. Any suggestions, etc. would be a great help from a family who’s done it all – many times over. Happy Trails!

    1. Hey Jeff- great to hear from you. That is a 1969 Corvair powered ULTRAVAN. They’re very cool and this one got us to Seattle from Austin averaging about 40mph.
      Bummed we missed you. We have friends in and out of Pecan Grove all the time. We were there a lot.
      Financial side of things are always tricky. Wish we had a solution for you, but don’t. We’ve had income for the past 10yrs off and on the road in many different ways. We’ve met loads of people making it out there on the road with just as many different ways that they afford it. is a great site to check out that tends to compile links for many families doing many different things. You’re not alone in ‘figuring out the financial side’ and we’ve learned that happens in both brick & mortar or siding & wheels. We certainly spent much less on our two months across the country than paying rent or mortgage. Funny how expenses can go down when traveling (boondocking) and up when still?!?
      Best of luck and hope to meet you out there sometime.
      -Greg & bnf

  5. Hi Greg –

    Thanks so much for the reply. I’m really starting to investigate the Ultravan. Now that you’ve been in yours for awhile, how do you like it? Is it difficult to find parts for? I just missed out on one in Cedar Park for $3500. Where did you find yours? Will probably have more questions for you as I continue my quest. Hope your travels are going well.

  6. We like our UV. Had to rebuild the motor in a campground in Idaho, and that would’ve been impossible with a big block chevy or diesel pusher. It is more like a camper than a motor’home’ though. Ours at least. Needs plumbing and electrical work and the such.
    It’s probably no more difficult to find parts for than any other motorhome. There’s Corvair enthusiasts out there everywhere. Just make sure if you do find a Corvair powered UV, you know that our trip from Amarillo, TX to Oregon was about 40mph because it’s uphill all the way.
    We found ours in San Antonio.
    Drop me a line anytime – greg at barenakedfamily dot com.

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