From Fetus, to Girl, to Woman…

Spunky, fun, energetic with pigtails and beautiful smiles.  Sandal wearing little girls always willing to hug and kiss you.  Waiting for you at the door.  Always there to greet you with a smile reserved only for you.  Even at a young age, a girl knows how to make you feel like her only one.  Even as a child she knows how to close off everything around her only to focus on you.  To fertile and human carrying; nurturing beings.  She’ll care for your seed and bring it up tenderly.  She loves your little seed deeply, like she loves you.  She feeds it from her body, pouring her milk into your child.  Because it’s easy to give her best.  To you.  To your child.  Sexy and curves; skin so soft and long hair.  Eyes deep into outer space.  Her scent undeniable.  She’s still willing to hug and kiss just you.  She’ll even wait for you everyday still.  Her laser focus to a man’s heart, powerful.  She still knows how to make you feel like her only one.  Closing off everything around focusing on you and staring you in the eyes.  Heart as big as Texas, bigger.  Much, much bigger.  A real, honest heart.  A woman.  She can make love to you taking you outside yourself and showing you sensations only a woman possesses.   A connection occurs inside the woman’s body allowing the man’s heart to feel the feminine feelings of the Universe.  Inside a woman a man can be gentle, sensitive, and safe.   She can also do this with her cooking.  A woman.  She is a remarkable creation.  All she needs from the man is his…


In his unselfish touch, whether on her face or stroking her hair, it’s there that she will find the security, provisions, food, and necessary supplies to tend to her Family.  A man already provides that.  It’s his gift.  But the touch must come first.  A man is just as beautiful as a woman.  A remarkable creation.  Because in a man’s touch he can provide a world for his woman.  His touch symbolizes the power and the promise of ancient wisdom.   But he must not confuse the security, provisions, and food thinking they come first.  The touch always comes first.  And with the stroke of his hand, he can create life.

2 Replies to “From Fetus, to Girl, to Woman…”

  1. I loved this, and certainly believe it.

    To put the woman before your own needs is something I’ve failed at spectacularly for 30 consecutive years. I’ve tried, at times, on the advice of mothers, sisters, Dr. Phil perhaps, but when you live off of your dreams, it’s hard to let yourself live off of the fuel that a lady can fire in you. Even when you find one who will leave you free to pursue your ambitions, who will become everything she can to make that happen, if it isn’t natural, it seems to fade and get scribbled away, stuffed into files with all of the other notes a life compiles.

    I tried to learn to accept that, to survive with slightly-hotter-than-warm tea when I was desperate for boiling black coffee. Time will tell if times are good.

    I love these types of posts, ma’am, and look verily forward to reading them whenever they pop into Reader…

  2. Thank you…I love that you love it. There’s nothing more beautiful than a man that ‘bare’s’ himself to the reality of mistakes, potential, and willingness to put down a little more of one’s guard in hope’s of being received and heard in love and communication with another. It makes all the hollowness and alone time more bearable, to be honest and forth coming in the name of love. It’s in those times, one finds true self and when true self is achieved companionship becomes certain.

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