Freckles…Creepy yet Family…

So, my little sister got Freckles as a Christmas gift from our grandmother who bought it at an auction for $1.25.  We know this because the price is written right on her crotch between the baby maker and trash disposal, where I guess they write it in an auction.  It was love at first sight with Freckles and we knew we had to have her.  My sister acted like she really wanted her so I gave her $5 for her and she let me keep her.  She later demanded that I pay her another $5 since she knew I really wanted Freckles and wouldn’t lay off till I paid up.  It was worth it and now Freckles is a member of our Family often joining us around town and hanging out with friends.

Freckles Christmas 2008.

Freckles trying to find parking at the Christmas parade.

Freckles and Jenn.

Freckles got tired, so Austin the big brother he is, gave her a shoulder ride!

Freckles often scares the crap out of us in the middle of the night as she stands at the foot of our bed like this.

Jimmy and Freckles.  She let him use her wig for the picture.  She’s always giving!

Freckles with Mary Mae, the two of them played all night long.

Freckles going Goth.

Freckles with my sister who gave her to me.



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  1. I’m litterally peeing my pants! If I ever find Freckles anywhere near me…. well, I just don’t wanta say!

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