February 2007

Feb ’07 finds bnf back in Austin, TX. After landing in a friends guest house for a couple or few weeks, we found a nice little duplex in oh so trendy South Austin.

If Timon likes it, we can stay. He says ok.

Here’s something funny – after living in a 37′ x 8′ (exterior) RV for years, then a Jeep and backpacks – a 500 square foot 2/1 duplex feels like a freaking mansion! We actually closes off the bedrooms and lived together in the living room for the first month. The space and high ceilings was a little overwhelming.

We moved into this tiny space with our backpacks and storage from Seattle, found a futon, invited a bunch of people over and celebrated Kesley’s b-day.

Took a Lighting job with Marquee Party Rentals

And settled back into the Austin Music scene…

Jon Dee Graham

Zak Perry Band

Austin practicing riffs

Redd Volkaert, Cindy Cashdollar,

Suzanna Choffel

Workin’ merch for Guy Forsyth

Kes front and center at Antone’s

Kes. Vallejo. Antone’s

Kes and Austin. Vallejo. Antone’s

Alex Ruiz – Dell Castillo

The Mother Truckers

With Greg and Maria, Maria’s Taco Xpress

Cleaning up with the Amala Foundation

With Fred at the Capitol

Hosting the Trachtenburgs from Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Rachel Trachtenburg

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