Coffee, kids, ‘n Chi-Chi

Monday morning starts with the fragrant smells of coffee, the screams of children playing in the room and the thought of Austin’s Flying Chihuahua print in transit to the busy city of New York City.  It’s in fact the first online sale to a complete stranger he’s made and its feeling of success f0r a young working 17 year old is victory enough.  It’s set in motion the fierce drive for a young man with a camera to infiltrate the world of bare and boring walls, and dry flat imaginations.  He sits and tinkers with his prints at the computer, making them into bright pieces of candy fun – intuitive, thoughtful and imaginative; daring and inspiring.  He is a thinker, a boy of wonder, a young man of philosophy, and an artist of humanity. I sit and watch his back from behind as he puts in his hours at the computer and think of the imagery that he sees and wonders where it comes from.  It’s a parents pure delight to sit and watch their children quietly, especially when they are beaming.

Now the laundry washes, the barenaked children still screaming and jumping from bed to bed, and we start a new work week. Who and where will the the next package of  photography go…

First online sale on the way to New York City!

First online sale on the way to New York City!

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  1. This sounds so much like a typical morning for our family:
    The smell of coffee as I sit in front of the computer to do the days work (still have to make a bit of a living). Listen to the kids playing and laughing in the other room.
    The flying Chihuahua picture is great!
    That is just fantastic that he was able to sell the photograph! We have never yet been able to sell even one photo – although to be honest, we haven’t really tried. Then again, I’m not much of a photographer either. I just take pictures.

  2. I couldnt find a place to leave a comment so Im leaving it here. I was looking at some pictures of when you traveled thru Indiana. There is a funny painted house with dashes and lines on rt. 12. You said you wanted to meet the owners but never did. I am not the owner, but I did live in that house years ago. Its haunted, thats why we dont live there anymore. I also tried to meet the current owners at one point to see if they had the same problems we did, but no one ever answered the door.

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