Cheer Competition

In San Diego we met a group of cheerleaders from Washington state while visiting Sea World and were invited to the West Coast All Star Cheerleading and Dance competition the following day.  We were excited to be there and see all the teams doing their dances.  Our niece Ashleigh is really into cheerleading so during the competition Greg calls her all excited to tell her we are at this competition and her reply is simple – “I’m not really into cheerleading anymore”.  Well that’s fine, BareNakedFamily really enjoyed themselves anyway but Jenn spent many hours taking pictures of all the different teams and the dances thinking Ashleigh will love them.  It’s really hard to get a picture of girls flying around!  We got busy with the show and Greg forgot to tell Jenn that Ashleigh’s not into this much anymore until we are in the car heading home!  Jenn freaked out because she took all  these pictures and Ashleigh’s not into it anymore!  Well we still love her, but someone take a look at some of the pictures Jenn took! The camera was hot, batteries dead, memory sticks full, and we have over an hour of home video of this event! We can’t even remember names! (We actually had a lot of fun and spent most of the day here).

The hairspray picture.

Cheerleaders practicing outside before the event.

Ask Kesley what she wants to do when she grows up – for years it’s been ‘a cheerleader!’

Arrived early.

These are the trophies.

BareNakedFamily sat close to the stage on the floor by ourselves – then all of a sudden this team rushed to the floor and surrounded us to cheer their team competing! We were a little scared. The girl to the left of Jenn actually leaned on her shoulder before realizing we were strangers. An odd moment.

A view from the front line! Notice the tape at the knees. Can’t cross this!

Greg and Austin went to the balcony. After sitting on the floor where the different teams kept surrounding the girls they moved to front row center on the seats. We were continuously asked what team we were with (Black and Silver of course!)

There were girls of all ages, these were some of the youngest ones.


Kes was super jealous.

When girls messed up they would really be upset but were brave enough to continue their performance.

These teams were some of the best – told you already we can’t remember names!

Check out the really strange faces being made. Obviously trained and we learned they were judged on facial expression. Is sillier better?

West Coast Mavericks? These were part of the ‘best’. The audience would go nuts when one of these teams came on.

We don’t know who this guy is, but he must be really good or famous because all the teams were taking pictures with him and another girl we didn’t get a pic of.

We left the competition late afternoon but it was not yet over. We sure thank the girls from Washington for letting us know about the competition. Hope to see them on ESPN soon!

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