Changing Frequencies and Reclaiming Responsibility…

Waking up this morning, I staggered out of bed half naked, dog jumping at my feet, and all I could think of was wanting to sit here at my computer and pound away my latest awakening.  All those yummy feelings and emotions, full of rainbows and unicorns.  Yep, I’m feeling all crazy and inspired.  Good morning!

Not knowing that I haven’t been awake for some time now, I recently was enlightened to how much I have settled for what is not me and learned how much I want what’s in my heart.   Living in this thick, mucus’y residue of my previous perceptions of failure and fear, I have closed myself off to what makes me happy and unconsciously settled for second best.  Fuck that.

In a deep conversation with Deggers the other day after literally having a ‘what the hell am I feeling’ orgasm, I released an inner voice from my heart allowing the wants and desires  that I hadn’t said and or known in years to rise above.  As I spoke, I could literally feel the building blocks of all the things I want being shot my way through the Universe as I was shedding light on the vision and feeling that creates the next chapter of BareNakedFamily.  Realizing that it’s time to get our shit together and bust out the visionary playing cards creating what we want instead of being a slave to what we have, I have become awake again.

My eyes are seeing things differently, nothing looks like I remember it, and I feel more awake than I have been in three years.  And I build.

My feelings can be best described in a music video by my new favorite band Collective Soul. Not only the whole video, but much more so at the end.

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