Buh Bye ’01

Wow. NYC really wore us out physically and emotionally. And granddad farts in the RV. Before 9/11 we had plans to visit all the targets ~ NYC, DC, the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. Two out of three ain’t bad, fear sucks… Still wanting to go to DC.

Gettysburg for Halloween was perfect. We proceeded to scare the crap out of each other with as many Civil War ghost stories as we could find and make up. Halloween at midnight we actually walked down a creek bed in the woods near our RV park where we were told there was a war camp. The girl at the desk showed us a wicked cool pic of a smoky image over the creek. We didn’t see or record anything cool (but not for lack of trying) ~ we did scream a lot from messing with each other.

We stayed in Gettysburg for several days and saw all the touristy things. It was cool, but we’re not really into fighting or its relics ~ we figured is for lovers was more our style.

It wasn’t. We left Virginia pretty quick and ended up in Nashville.

Yep. A bunch of freaky rockers in the Country Western capital of the world. We even make fun of country music and still stayed at the Opryland RV Park.

The Opryland hotel is one of the biggest in the world ~ we made fun of it too.

Actually, Nashville changed us. We visited Nashville Palace for the first time on this trip and really learned to appreciate country music. At least some of it. We still won’t listen to it. Except Willie and Lyle, but they’re from Austin.

The only reason we came to Nashville was because Greg was born here back in ’67 when his parents left Texas for the first time in their life and only lasted there for about two years while his dad sold bibles. Seriously. Can’t make this up.

So we looked on Greg’s birth certificate and found the home address ~ we’re locals. Kinda.

And there it is. Greg wept. Then dodged a stray bullet. Then ran. Screaming.

And here’s what’s really funny. Greg’s mom told us what really happened with this address on his birth certificate. They rented the place at night, ended up staying only about a week, and moved as soon as they could. Greg wept again.

Memphis was way more our style.

We met this Family in Nashville and ran into them in Memphis joining them for our trip to Graceland. Gaylan actually dresses up and sings like Elvis.

Pretty good, huh?

He also took us for a ride in the Lisa Marie.

To Little Rock! Birthplace of not having ‘… relations with that woman’. We didn’t stay but overnight and only did because the RV was running like crap. We blew and blew on the fuel filter and line to release the pressure and only had a cigar to use as a heat source to ignite the fuel in an attempt to make it happy but ended up only ruining the blue shop rag with stains, not sure why we kept it. But all this is really irrelevant to the RVs true performance in its ability to do its job ~ Turns out it only needed a fuel filter but it did make us angry that its character had to be put in question once again.

So we made it to Texas and went to Port Aransas to hang with Jenn’s parents through Thanksgiving. We actually rented a small kitchenette room for a month to regroup and this really cool guy next door adopted us. He starred in a short film at the beginning of Toy Story playing chess with himself.

Why do we keep taking pictures like this? They all look the same. Then we put ’em out here and waste your time downloading them. Why? Why do we do it?

This one make a little more sense ~ this picture may actually serve a purpose on America’s Most Wanted someday.

Although this one is just another ~ okay kids ~ you’re all so cute, why don’t we put you together near the Christmas tree ~ smile ~ awwwww….. Why? Why do we all do it? You know you’re guilty too!

can’t…. stop….someone take the camera away!

Now this is funny. They’re over a big pile of horse dukey and Granny tilted the bucket right after this pic… You’ll have to buy the video.

Then the duck crapped on Sunny’s black pants and she cried as the duck freaked out and gouged her eye then flew into the plate glass sliding door at full speed and died from head wounds.

Happy New Year!

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