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Austin Babies is a mix of some scanned pics we made from our favorites in storage ~ pre-digital era for BNF.

We were preg-o with Kes here. Austin had no idea what he was in for…

Still clueless. Welcome to the world Kesley Jenna.

This was a pretty content time for BNF. We actually discussed having Kesley before conception (one of three ain’t bad plannin, yo).

This was a pretty content time for BNF. We actually discussed having Kesley before conception (one of three ain’t bad plannin, yo).

We were also insured, had some steady income and a home to bring her to. (borrr~inggg)

When Austin was born, we were still living in the trailer in Austin, TX and trying to get in a house. He actually went home to the trailer for his first night, then back to the hospital for severe jaundice living in the ICU for about a week during Greg’s second to third week at Dell. We moved the trailer into the back yard of our first house in crack alley and Jeff helped Greg move some vintage 70s furniture from a dead guys house that we eventually brought Austin home to. Fuhreal. Even took his dishes and a three piece suit.

We stayed away from the front windows in our new home, mostly at night when the gunshots got closer.

But we were safe, and Greg still wore wife beaters.

Daddy please.


Ghetto. That’s right, two year old bathing a baby in the kitchen sink. Live and learn ~ like green thumbin’ skills too (above Kes).

muh wa ha ha ha.

Family reunions ~ this is in Longview, TX at their Great Grandma’s house (dad’s dad’s mom).

This is when we picked up Timon (with Jenn). We figure Timon and Kesleys b-day are about the same. James is Gregs brother with Patti (Dusty with James, then Trey, then Ashleigh). Grandpa Perry gave both our Families Corgis ~ Rudy is with Patti. This was around July ’95.

These are the same kids in Dec ’04 ~ plus Sunny who was in Jenn’s belly in the above picture.

Here’s more ‘too much info’ for you ~ Trey (right) is nicknamed from James Richard White III (Gregs brother is II and Dad is the first ~ Jim White, nice to meetcha). Sunny is nicknamed from Mitty Samantha ~ Mitty being Greg and James mom from a long line of strangeness ~ three (??) Mitty’s, a Ditty, Honditty, and Duddy. Seriously. Puff Daddy has nothing on us. Then there’s Austin / Dustin, Kesley / Ashleigh ~ no plan, just works out in the cosmos like this. The Whitey bunch, the Whitey bunch, that’s how they became the Whitey bunch buh dum da da bump… (White’s our last name, Gooohshh).

Timon then…

And now…

The Family grows.

The love grows…

And Austin begins his driving career.

So ‘member that Jenn met her Dad when she was 20.

Here’s the good part. He was in Port Aransas and her mom was living in Corpus (about 30 minutes away). This is just a picture of Austin and his first girlfriend and really has nothing to do with this story although this is in Port Aransas around the time all this took place.

So Jenn’s Mom asks Jenn one day “is he still good lookin’?” Turns out he was and after 20 years Jenn’s biological parents had lunch, shacked up, got married, and had Jake ~ Kesleys uncle here.

That’s Jenns Dad, Danny, on the left. Jeff is a friend from Austin and Greg is trying to grow his hair out again.

As Kesley grew, we were surprised with the conception of Sunny now in Jenns belly.

And even more amused with some of the last few pictures we have of Dad with a normal eyebrow line…

She walks!

He poses!

And in the daytime we can hang in the front yard of our crack alley house.

Welcome to the world Sunny baby.

The final three.

The terrible two.

That’s Kes on the left. Ashley (Uncle Ern’s daughter with the cat scratch). And the spawn of satan.

This is the evil cat Remington that scratched Kesley. Typical of Jenns entire life though ~ Michelle is Jenns cousin where we got this cat when she bailed to Sweden then Rem scratches Ashley and the entire Family blames Jenn when Michelle’s boyfriend was the one that made Rem really mean by practicing his kung fu with Rem as a kitten. Rem made it to Washington with us but after hurting the kids too much, we found him a nice home before going on the road. BTW: Jenn always got blamed for Michelle’s antics growing up so we sent her to live in Sweden. Hey there Michelle, love ya girl. Stay there, or fess up.

There’s Ashley on the left (Uncle Ern’s daughter with cat scratch fever, typhoid, malaria, and massive deformities because of Jenn’s neglect).

Stealing sweet innocent Kesley’s candy. NOT very subtle there Ashley. You’re busted and Uncle Ern owes us amnesty now.

And this is why we did the kitchen floor white ~ seemed like a good idea at the time.

And ~ we’ll never do this again…


This is the family photo that made the NHK TV documentary. Classic.

Jenn’s brother, Adam lived with us for about a year before he became a giant.

This is Jaimon (?) with a danger triangle on Lake Travis in Austin. He’s a little dangerous. As in look out Bill Gates.

This is something else we regret ~ bought a minivan instead of renting a car to go on a Family vacation to Colorado. We kept this van for about six months before we paid thousands to get out from under the car payments and got our kickin’ Bronco.

This might be in the wild where we taught the kids its okay to hang with Grizzlies.

But it was more likely at the zoo in Colorado Springs near the memorial to Will Rogers.

But it could be at the San Antonio zoo. We just don’t know.

This is definitely at Sea World in San Antonio.

Where Austin developed his fear of large furry costumes.

And the girls got miserably wet from stinky, cold Shamu water ~ and how does Shamu appear simultaneously at all the Sea Worlds around the country anyway?

Wet, sad, grumpy little girls do not care.

We continued our shock treatment with the girls.

Yep, thinking this is the last of the good pictures Dad was able to take with us.

Our favorite pic of him ~ it’s all photogenically downhill from here for him.

But these guys are still hot. This group of pictures were some of the last we took in our first home during a wedding we did for our friends at the house better known as Dorchester or fondly referred to as ‘our crack alley house’.

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