American Pie – Kids Eat Free

It’s been a few weeks since launching the American Pie project and we’ve now baked a whole pie and sold every slice and then some.  We’re slowing pulling out of the freelancer’s slow season, starting to secure some projects, and getting caught up on the high cost of living in such an expensive place.  We’ve been building some really cool stuff like e-commerce sites, starting some new social media campaigns in the motorcycle racing industry for a professional racer, and helping Austin’s photography come together with some new equipment and ideas.  He’s really appreciating seeing his photos making it out in the world and boy are they getting in some cool places!  Thanks to everyone who has bought a print!  This has been a great way for him to launch himself out there all while continuing to work with his Family.  Something that means so much to us.  Can’t thank you enough!

We’re hearing from people all over who have experienced the economy the way we have.  Here’s a little American Pie story that we really inspired us to share.  Heard from a Family whose kids who wanted to be a part of the project so much that they were trying hard to round up every penny they could even as their artist Family struggled in a similar way.  They’ve been friends here on the blog and over on the Facebook pages and immediately wanted to be a part of it and let us know the kids were working hard to do so. The fact that they are musicians and play their art for their living, we not only understand how valuable that is, but are grateful they are willing to share what they have with us.  With others who will get a slice of pie with their names on it.

Just  hearing of their selflessness, we were already committed to putting their names on a plate and sending them a print regardless of money.  Knowing kids who see the value of giving of themselves and celebrating other artists is unbelievably refreshing and a real gift in itself.  This is the stuff projects like this are made of.  Before we got to writing the names on the set of plates for the first pie, we received a PayPal notification with their purchase!  Oh…it’s so on for them now!  They done made us cry. We agreed that hard work like that deserves to be noticed and we’re working on putting a little something extra in their package.  These stories are golden and we’ll always be obliged to give it all away for the greater good of keeping the love going…

Our first homemade Pie!  And it’s sold out!  We’re making more pie, so make sure you get your slice!

We’re happy to make more pie.  We wanna make more pie.  We wanna share more pie.  If you feel like having pie with us, well you just order yourself up a slice right here

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  1. Thanks! It’s always feels good when you get to walk through life with friends like the ones in the story and friends like you Family. Makes looking at the bigger picture so much more powerful.

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