American Pie in Thrift Store Groceries

As we were heading out on the road to Texas, we stopped for some road food and found a great local Family run grocery store. We interviewed the mom and son who have run it for years and even got behind the counter working for them. It’s a reminder of the good ol’ Family run businesses and community that thrives because of the American dream.

4 Replies to “American Pie in Thrift Store Groceries”

  1. hey…you all can send me all that Organic butter & Cheese!!
    What an amazing wonderful family!!! I just love that they are still surviving and bringing their community a service for so many years! Its these family owned, mom&pop type places that built America and I so wish my children could experience this!!!
    What a perfect family to give a Slice of the Dream to!!

  2. Hey guys,

    Its mike the dude that bought your VW Thing. Its still rockin around austin as my daily driver. Let me know if you ever wanna catch up.

    1. Hey there, we’ve been talking about a lot lately! We’d love to hook up and see you and the thing! We just got back to austin a few weeks ago and are staying on the same street we used to live on! Message me at jenn at barenakedfamily dot com and I’ll send our number so we can get together!

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