In Other Words…

Jenn likes to write stuff down:

My Parenting Confessional

Becoming Barenaked

And other people wrote some stuff down and did some moving pictures:

NHK Japan

ABC Nightline

Wandrly Magazine

On The Porch

  • NHK, a TV Station from Japan came to film a documentary on American RV’ers back in 2001 when we were getting ready to hit the road. It’s when we met the Nodlands (founders of They were the featured family that had been doing this. We were the newbies getting ready. There was another retired couple featured. The video link here is our section edited out.
  • ABC Nightline talked us into a piece in 2006. This is in 2 parts on Youtube because they used to only allow 5 minute uploads.
  • Wandrly Magazine, Nathan wrote one of our favorite articles.
  • Jim Swift from KXAN, ‘On the Porch’ did a couple of segments with us on our Austin, Texas life.

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