A rock in my right hand, a jumper in my left

A rock in my right hand, a jumper in my left
Kesley’s new tattoo. A rock in my right hand, a jumper in my left

Kes posted this picture on Facebook on July 14, 2018. She surprised us with another new tattoo and this text:

FB Title screen cap
“A rock in my right hand, a jumper in my left”

My dad said this to me when I saw this photo for the first time. I fell in love with this photo taken by our lovely friend, Peg Nichols Peter, and the words my dad had to say about it.

My parents have always been the perfect combination for each other. My mom, who is the most passionate dreamer I know, and my dad, the logistics behind making everything a reality. I wanted to get this tattoo right before I went back to school to remind myself everyday to always keep creating these grand visions that I want for my future, and staying strong in my work to make them happen.

Logic + Dreams
Stability + Movement

Peg Nichols Peter
I’m so glad I caught this moment. I love your parents forever, but it was your dad who was my hero that day. He was legit terrified, but still went. He was shaky, but didn’t let that stop him. He wasn’t going to let fear keep him from the trail, the view, the moment or your mom.

Courage is not to be fearless. Courage is to be afraid and do it anyway. ❤

Degs Bnf
Peg Nichols Peter hahahaha! And heart happiness. Thank you for saying this, I never knew your perspective. I do remember mine, butt scooting the part of the 3′ wide(?) trail that dropped to the crashing ocean a gazillion feet below! But yeah, I did that. Love you so much, Peg!

Crawling down that 3′ ledge, terrified, with Peg in the background
The fall
The fall that was about 1.5′ to my right. The other side about 1.5′ to my left was no better.

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