Wand’rly love…

Our friends over at WandrlyMagazine.com captured our story like no one ever has. Nathan Swartz (ClickNathan.com) has become our Jack Kerouac. He’s a fantastic writer and wrote this article from the beginning to when our kids had just graduated our home-school high school and had been running their own coffee shop for a couple of years. If you want our story in the best nutshell it’s ever been, go here now.


BareNaked High School Graduation!!!

How do you graduate three unschooled kids out of high school?  Buy a coffee shop, give them complete ownership and decision making power, and get out of their way.  After spending the last year bringing the coffee shop up to what it is now,  Greg and I realized that our kids are officially growing up.  Having unschooled them over the last ten years they have traveled thousands of miles, never taken tests, never kept grade levels, and accomplished more than most people who have had traditional schooling and careers.  A few months ago, we handed over the coffee shop to the kids at the ages of 19, 17, and 16 allowing them to do what they wanted with the business after learning the accounting, marketing, and business from the ground up.  Continue reading “BareNaked High School Graduation!!!”

The American Dream ~ A Coffee Shop?

We arrived back in Austin after traveling across the frozen Midwest landscape to warmer temperatures and southern hospitality!  You never realize how much you miss the manners of Texans till you’ve been away.  People are nice, the food is great, and the weather still sucks.

We came back with very little of a plan, Continue reading “The American Dream ~ A Coffee Shop?”