Going Away Party

Beer.  Booze.  Babies.  It’s a going away party!  Our neighbors got together and threw us going away party.  We had some pretty awesome neighbors, the kind that ride bikes across the country, play music with Willie Nelson, make art, and smoke briskets in your honor.  It was bitterweet to party with these fine folks, but we weren’t about to pass up a real Texas backyard bbq.  There hasn’t been a place that we have lived across the country where neighbors got together and celebrated the way we have with these friends.  It was such a social neighborhood that we had to put up a closed sign when we needed to get our work done.  The kind that gather around in the streets and throw footballs and decorate with sidewalk chalk.  This neighborhood made us second guess what we were doing a hundred times, but we knew we had to go.  It was hard to think about letting someone else come into our home after we left, so even though we rented we chose to find the replacement tenant that would take our place in this special group of people.

Some of our closet friends live on Wilson St.  and we’ll never forget them.  Especially when we come back to Austin to visit and need a place to crash!

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