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Kennedy Space Center

posted Jan 31, 2003 by Jenn

After watching the Space Shuttle Launch we went to the Kennedy Space Center to learn more about NASA and the shuttle. Here is Kesley not breaking the law. This is one of the launch pads they use to launch the shuttle. This is the same one that Columbia launched from days earlier. This is the …Read More »

Ace Tattoo, Phoenix, AZ January 2003

posted Jan 31, 2003 by Jenn

After the shuttle launch and our brief Florida experience (Ok, it started ‘snowing’ in Florida) we decided to meet with Jenn’s friend Kerrie and her family in Phoenix, AZ. Jenn and Kerrie met in Issaquah, WA where her son Wren went to school with Kesley. Kerrie and family now live in Alaska and we haven’t …Read More »

February 2003 Pictures

posted Feb 1, 2003 by Jenn

We left Phoenix and went to San Diego. We had never been there and our friends the Nodlands were there working on a house. They highly recommended San Diego due to its wonderful weather and a great campground. On the way we stopped at these way cool Imperial Sand Dunes (BLM) in eastern California near …Read More »